Friday, August 9, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 9

Sorry for the week long absence, it's totally my fault as I was a bit unclear in my directions towards our two new cleaners. But we have for you today a new chapter of Rude 39, typeset by one of those two new cleaners, TA! We'll also have new chapters of Kaiji and Akagi coming up here pretty shortly, now that our group is working on them proper.

Thanks to Crump for the cleans, and to our new cleaner, TA, for typesetting this while applying to be a typesetter, as well! I'd say she did an excellent job!

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"Fear is merely the product of one's imagination!"

Well, this is certainly a... different chapter. There is not a single Pachinko match to be found in this entire chapter, though there certainly is talk about it. Instead, the main focus is the Prep School Students and Katagiri taking on the Pachinko Pros that have been hassling them. We get to see Katagiri be just about as badass as he can get, and lets us see how he can use intimidation alone to get what he wants, without ever having to resort to actual violence.

So yeah, pretty cool chapter, not too much to say other than comment on how different it was from everything else in this series. The Pachinko Battle starts in the next chapter, and there's only 2 more chapters left until the series is finished! 


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    1. Probably not until after we're caught up with Akagi.

  2. So where do I go for the beta testing?