Friday, August 16, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 10

Hey everyone, it's been a week but we're back with the penultimate chapter of Rude 39, courtesy of the lovely TA! In this chapter, we have ourselves the first half of the showdown between our Prep School students and the Pachinko Pros!!

Also, may I remind everyone that we are having a Beta Testing session for Restricted Rock Paper Scissors tomorrow at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST) on the IRC. If you're coming, please download the file ahead of time so you can jump right in! The file is here.

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"I'll chase after them as long as I have to!"
What's this, an actual cliffhanger?! Yes, it's the final showdown of the series, and it's all up to Hamada and the rest of the Prep School Students to figure out how to win!

At first, Katagiri states that the battle will give no real advantage or disadvantage to the side with more people, but it becomes apparent quite quickly that this is not so. The 7 students split up their balls among themselves, but this strategy only serves to get all but 2 of them busted out within 30 minutes. There's just not enough machines paying out to allow for that strategy! Instead, the kids discover that they must refine their forces and focus on a smaller number of machines in order to beat the opposition.

On a side note, Satomi was my favorite part of the series, so it's unfortunate that she's getting pushed to the sidelines in favor of these prep school students. It's almost like what's going on in Kaiji where the story focuses on a bunch of characters we know nothing about while the major characters get left in the dust. I suppose the upside to such a plot is that you really don't know if they'll win or not, since they're not major enough to necessitate them winning. Adds to the suspense a bit.

Anyway, there's still lots that could go wrong for our group. They're way behind in ball count, and even though they're regaining them at twice the rate the other group is gaining them, they'll still need to find more machines, especially if the other group ups their gain rate with more paying out machines, as well. It certainly looks like it will be a close one, and unless there's still something Katagiri's hiding it's going to be an uphill battle!


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS! Akagi just got back in the Dealer position and you are going to give me TWO Rude 39's in a ROW! This manga isn't even good! It isn't even about Gambling. It is about cheating the system. OUT OF PACHINKO MONEY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  2. Thank you very much, been waiting for more

  3. Can't be over quickly enough, I want to see more of Kaiji already. That being said, I still respect your work.

  4. Thanks cannot wait for kaiji

  5. Kaiji is rather slow and Akagi isn't going to speed up that much any soon, so finishing Rude 39 was a very good decision in my humble opinion. Thanks a bunch guys!

    Thanks guys!!!