Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 21

At long last, the next chapter of Kaiji is here. Apologies for the long absence, but the summer has been rough. Thanks once again to those who helped make this long-awaited chapter possible. Js06 for his translating abilities, Biggums for his magnificent cleans, and Sonickrazy for his character-fleshing proofreading.

Note: Because of the chapter slowness, the next Kaiji release will be the rest of the volume (much like Illuminati-Manga), instead of chapters at a time until further notice. 


*death note music*

I know I'm not the only one who's forgotten what was happening at the end of the last chapter. In short, Chang is about to press the button, but he's not the savior. In other words, a death sentence for the two hostages. Kaiji yells and jumps to stop him, but is held back by the brawn of the men in black. However (しかし!!), Chang has something else in mind! He raises his hand up! And lowers it slowly. This is a sign that Chang is prepared to press the button. Mitsuyama picks up the sign quick, and mimics him, but lowers his hand a bit more, knowing that he cannot allow Chang, who is a hostage, to press the button. There's a 50% chance that when Mitsuyama presses it, they will win, but a 0% chance if Chang does so. Mario is on top, and sees the sign, so he simply has to press the button before the other two if they are both hostages, or do nothing (like this round) and let Mitsuyama press the button. It really is an ingenious plan, especially considering the strenuous situation they're being placed under. 

But will it really be this easy?


  1. Hahaha, called it! Freaking called it!
    This is exactly what i said some chapters before that they should do.

  2. God damn, I forgot that it exist. Please don't make me forget again.

  3. I think this system will actually allow the true intent of the game to come to light. Now that they have a sure-fire way to press the button at the right time, it also gives them the ability to know when to press the button at the wrong time. Like say after a few tens of millions have been accumulated, one of them will get greedy and press the button to get the money whilst sacrificing his other two friends. It seems in line on what Kazuya thinks humanity is like which is the whole purpose of this game.

  4. No need for death note music, kaiji has its own awesome soundtrack sawa sawa.

  5. A recent episode of a certain variety talkshow (Ametalk) was centered around Fukumoto's works. They actually played this chair game and the events were EXACTLY the same as in the manga; the non-lit first player started panicking, raised his hand to press the button, the lit second player noticed it, managed to press it before the first player and finally ran to press the final button. They actually hid the timer from the live audience halfway through so the whole studio went IRL ざわ・・・ざわ・・・. When they revealed it after the game and it displayed (IIRC) 55 seconds, everybody went nuts.