Friday, June 14, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 20

Well. After a long hiatus, we're back with another chapter of Kaiji! This one's the last chapter of volume 2. There are still thanks to give, however. Js06 once again provided us with the translations, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading. Enjoy the chapter!



Kaiji's voice is going to break one of these days. It is true that the greatest danger to the Asian Three are their own senses of time. But as Kaiji said, that can be easily rectified if they could simply discuss the strategy among themselves. Just once would do! However, Kazuya isn't so kind as to let them do that, but he has provided them with something else! A timer that shows how long each round took, to help the Asian Three gauge how long they're taking! It's still a slippery path, however. It's basically a guess-and-check strategy the Asian Three have to employ, with a single mistake costing them either their winnings or their lives. What's more, each guess-and-check run changes because the people may change how they decide to act. As shown in this chapter, Chang decides it's a good idea to go really fast this time instead of taking too long. And that's a problem for Mitsuyama, who still doesn't think 30 seconds has passed yet.

I wonder what Kaiji can do in this situation other than yell. Can he help the Asian Three out? Or are Kazuya and Kaiji simply commentators on this game?


  1. Kaiji can also jump around in frustration while yelling!!!

  2. Good to see some life in here at last. Thanks.

  3. While reading this chapter i figured out a way they could cooperate without cheating and without having a talk before.
    Hand signs.
    Something like, if the person on the bottom thinks he has to press, 10 seconds before his personal limit he will raise his hand and count down with his fingers, thus the other two can see what he is doing. The second person does something similar and it should be fairly simple from that point on, they just need to correctly guess the first 30 seconds.

  4. Thanks for this chapter :)
    What i find weird is that they are allowed to raise their hands high before pressing the button like that... it's equivalent to giving each other clues.

  5. The bottom one will create all kinds of problem with this

    Its ok right now because middle one is the savior but lets assume top one would be it

    Top one will think "Oh shit! if bottom thinks that 30 seconds has passed i better push the bottom now before its to late!"

    its even worse for the middle one: "Crap! bottom one wants to push? That means 30 seconds must have totally passed! Top can't be the savior or he would have pushed already, BETTER PUSH NOW"

    Basicially while rasing the hand is a good strategy, they need to have a better time for it, or it will only make matters worse.

  6. Thanks a lot for this chapter!
    and thanks for dealing with us ungrateful lot. :)

  7. Thanks for the new chapter guys! Almost missed this one since it wasn't on twitter.
    I read that you need more editors. Unfortunately I am rather busy with my studies at the moment, so I can't help you out :(
    I hope you will find something soon.

    See you on Mahjong day?

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    1. k hurry up and change that fact. If you tell me your adress i can send you some knifes to get the job done. You should finish at least 1 thing in your life.

  9. I still don't get what this game has to do with proving the whole human decency bet Kaiji and Kazuya had at the beginning? I mean the whole thing seems like it really is just mainly based on luck and working together at the moment.

    1. It's a game about communication and trust. They can develop a system to effectively convey who's supposed to do what, and since the prize money increases with each round and the savior can let the hostages die while taking the cash for himself, it's obvious where the part about human decency comes in.

      Also I guessed we jinxed it with this release, since we're apparently back to nothing happening once again.

  10. Weak chapter. Essentially it's the same as chapter 18: wrong guy wants to press the button, while Kaiji is screaming and jumping around as mad monkey. Can't wait this bullshit game to end.