Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Akagi Chapter 172

Okay, quite the delay on this one, but we still got it out in about a week. Peng's still pretty busy with finals; I'm taking my own finals today and in a few days. So hopefully we'll see a boom in releases once summer vacation begins. But that aside, in this chapter, Akagi needs to get Mangan or Haneman to have a chance at coming back over the next 5 rounds... but...?

Thanks to Doc for the cleans and to Kazuhiko for the typesetting! Mahjong day will again be this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, which is 3:00 PM PST. Would anyone be interested in trying some Team Mahjong again this week?

EDIT: Oh yeah, and *someone* (wink wink) uploaded HERO volumes 4 and 5 to rawscans this week. If you read the raws, you should definitely go check it out!

Chapter Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?n2im773i9ivdthc

"The ideal flow for me to work my way back up to the top!"

The point difference is 98,800, so if Akagi's to have any chance of coming back in 5 rounds, he needs to get a Mangan or Haneman in each of them. At least, so Ohgi thinks. So when Akagi is clearly aiming for a Hon Itsu hand, and his draws head straight towards that ideal, Ohgi is very pleased. But soon, things take a sharp twist as Akagi accepts a 7-8 pin wait into his otherwise manzu one-suit hand, and Ohgi is shocked and dumbfounded when he riichis on a hand which has nothing but Pinfu and Riichi set in it! What could he be thinking?! Well, it seems he knows exactly what he's doing, if his thoughts at the end are any indication!

So yeah, pretty sweet chapter. We get to see another Riichi from Akagi, and it dumbfounds everyone in the room just as much as his Noten Kokushi bluff did. By accepting this 2000-point hand, one way or another, Akagi has to be banking on the hope that he's going to rack up a ton of Honba in the next round, his dealer turn, and score direct hit after direct hit off of Washizu. It's certainly possible for him to make a comeback, though the Mangan hand would have made it far more likely, either way. So logically, it was the correct move to keep going for the Mangan hand, here. But Akagi defies conventional wisdom at every turn... could this in fact turn out to be the best move possible? We haven't seen Washizu's hand yet... maybe it will hold the answers as to why Akagi chose to Riichi on this hand?


  1. Good luck in finals Peng!

  2. Nobody knows what Akagi is doing. How much chapter are there now, anyway?

    1. 250 next month!

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  3. I wanna pin you to the ground, mount you and choke you with my left hand till your face turns red and start passing out and then wake you up with my right fist! Rinse and repeat 11 times.

  4. Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou! I'm also busy with my university stuff, but for Akagi I'm always available.

  5. Very cool chapter ! Akagi strategy is a bit obvious (but I could be wrong about that of course) : from Washizu point of view, this hand could very well be Riichi Pinfu Honitsu Itsuu Ii Pei Kou, which is Baiman ! And I'm not counting possible ura-dora... so it IS a scary hand ! Akagi probably wants a draw, and Washizu to destroy his hand... and mind !
    But but... he dealer is Suzuki, not Akagi, so if it's a draw the round would be lost, making the 4 next rounds even more impossible ! So it's risky, and very Akagi-like :D