Saturday, May 4, 2013

Akagi Chapter 170 & 171, plus White Suit Names

After a week of no updates due to everyone being deep into their finals preparation, we bring you a double release of Akagi! In these chapters, the East 3rd Round comes to a close! Thanks to Doc for the very fast cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the very good typesetting job! Mahjong Day was a few hours ago, and it will be in a week, same time same place! That's 22:00 GMT, or 3:00 PM PST.

Chapter 170:
Chapter 171:

"The advantage has turned Washizu into an ordinary person!"

The chapter begins with Yoshioka continuing to go on and on about how dangerous Akagi is and how much of an advantage Washizu has, and how they have to avoid playing the Xia and so on and so on. Even Akagi points out that Yoshioka can talk about nothing for pages and pages, still finding new points to bring up all the while. Truly an impressive talent for him to have. But yeah, folding the Kokushi Musou is a pretty reasonable thing to do, considering the massive advantage Washizu has. So long as he just keeps any kind of lead over Akagi through to the end of the Session, he'll win on the spot. But before I start rambling just as much as Yoshioka, let's move on.

The two metaphors in this chapter had to do with smoke blinding Washizu and the White Suits from just how unlikely Akagi's bluff was to be real, and also one spoken by Akagi about how Washizu's defense was far too rigid, and would topple to the ground with any sort of tremor. Akagi believes that the overwhelming lead that Washizu has is nothing more than a triviality that serves to turn him into a normal person. Certainly, if it weren't for the lead, Washizu very well might have played that Xia and drawn his Haku in 2 turns, just as he had the chance to in this round. But nevertheless, he did the "correct" thing, running away from danger while preserving his lead. And that's a mistake.

Can we also give a big hand to Suzuki? That's, like, the first hand that he's ever completed on his own. He looks so proud of his Tsumo only hand! Good job, Suzuki, you saved the day!

"I'll force that rude smirk off his face once I've killed him! Once I've won!!"

Or did he? Indeed, Akagi seems tremendously smug, which would seem to imply that Washizu did exactly what he wanted him to. Of course we know he did, but this is news to Washizu, who gets outraged at Akagi's rude behavior. But he manages to calm himself down before he gets worked up enough to go over and strangle the living daylights out of Akagi. After all, Akagi's going to be dead soon enough, so long as he wins! And why not? He has a 98,800-point lead! All he has to do is end each round ASAP and seize his reward after 5 more rounds! 5 more rounds is nothing!

Indeed, that is exactly what Ohgi is thinking, as well, going into the East 4th Round. Akagi needs 50k points in direct hits to make up the nearly 100,000-point lead! And in 5 rounds, that means he needs 5 straight Mangan and Haneman hands! Can he somehow manage to do that?! Well, from the 8 tiles we can see of Akagi's hand (346 man, 57 pin, 7 sou, Ton, Haku), it doesn't seem very likely at the moment. Maybe he could pull in a San Shoku or a Tanyao Pinfu, but otherwise he's going to have a rough time getting that Mangan or higher hand. I suppose we'll have to wait and see!

And now, since a recent chapter of the Magazine Publications of Akagi revealed the names of several white suits, I figured I'd make a little image to show all the names we know!

The three new names are Yamada, Tanaka, and Sakai, and they all look pretty similar, but they have very slight distinguishing characteristics like their noses and lips, so keep an eye out for them as we go on!


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