Friday, April 12, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 8

We have for you another chapter of Rude 39. Only 3 more to go! In this chapter, Katagiri's group runs into some trouble...! Thanks to Kazuhiko for the excellent typesetting job. Translated and cleaned by yours truly.

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And suddenly, Satomi is a prepubescent girl.

So, Katagiri's plan is a smashing success, to the point where 23 more students are attracted to the project by word of mouth alone. It seems like it's going to easily work forever, and Katagiri likes the situation to being a Capitalist, making money from the work of others. But he doesn't stick around with it too long; he ends his 20% cut as soon as the kids ask him to, because his plan will only be good for around 2 months, anyway. He says he's going to leave the town the next day, but when the kids come back to him and ask for his help getting rid of an infestation of Pachinko Pros, he decides his time would be better spent there!

So really, there's not much to say about this chapter; there was hardly any Pachinko at all and most of this seems like buildup for the coming chapters. It's interesting that Katagiri knew full well the flaws of his plan; it explains why he was somewhat hesitant to even help the kids at first. Since the number of kids in the group is cut down to 12 now, you might think that they could just go to 12 other parlors and ignore this current troublesome one, but then I suppose the same might happen there. So they've reasoned there's no choice but to fight back against these Pachinko Pros. Should be interesting to see how they go about doing that.


  1. i will always miss those live events...

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