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Kazuya-Hen Chapters 15 and 16

Well, it's been a while, but here's not one, but TWO new chapters of Kazuya-Hen! Hopefully that'll make up for my delay. Thanks to all of FKMTkrazy for keeping up the good work while I was fooling around with real life and all that. Js06 for his consistent scripts, Biggums for his reliable cleans, and Sonickrazy for his spot-on proofreads.

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No biggie, 100 million is pocket change for Kaiji at this point.

Wait, what was that? 100 million from only 2150? Where do I sign up? Anyways, in this chapter, Kazuya goes over his entire purpose in having these Asian Three brought in for his "salvation" game. He simply wants to see people's true selves. He's just curious! And he also just happens to be rich and non-empathetic enough to design a game, or experiment, that would satisfy his curiosity. We get to see the beginning of the game, where the three get draw lots for their seats and strap in. Kazuya is the game-master, having a timer, helmet remote, and light remote as his tools. And then the game begins! First, the selection of who will be the savior, and which two will be the hostages!

And apparently, if the savior messes up, then both the hostages die...

You have no idea how long it took to make that.

Right, so what are the rules of the game? Well, first of all, the reward if they win the game is 100 million. Each round, their earnings double, so it takes 16 rounds for them to earn 100 million from 2150. The math it iffy at the end, but it was probably easier to round it off. The game itself is simple. The savior, the one with the light on their head, is responsible for hitting the button within 60 seconds of the game starting. However, as the person cannot see his own light, it could get more complex later on. It's simple if you're on the top, as the first round is, but if you're in the center, or the bottom, how could you tell? Furthermore, the participants must wait 30 seconds before exiting, or they'll be disqualified. In essence, if the time runs out, then the hostages die, but if the savior exits before 30 seconds, they forfeit their winnings. Good timing is key is this game, isn't it?

It's hard to even think how a team could possible even lose this game, but knowing Fukumoto, it could get complicated real quick.


  1. YES YES YES YES Kaiji x 2 combo!!!!

    Thank you!


  3. Woah, getting your head crushed is unusually graphic. I mean sure we had our fair share of torture in the past, but this takes the cake

    This game has quite a lot of interesting twists.
    First of all it wasn't said outright, but i think its obvious that the savior will get all of the Money if he doesn't push the button.

    The time limit was probably implemented to create a feeling of doubt. If the savior comes close to the 60 seconds, the two hostages will start to ponder if his judgement is alright or even worse if he is doing it on purpose.

    I haven't quite figured out the purpose of the light. They can still move there arms, so i guess the highest one will simply communicate with the others in that way. Altough, i think there will be something more to it

  4. Thank you very much, love Kaiji.

  5. There's almost definitely something else. Also, will this be the game that Kaiji plays?
    At this point, it seems that it's no longer gambling. Now, it seems to be like a Saw game.

  6. Of course, there just had to be some pain and death in a Kazuya game.
    But i'm still a bit confused about the rules, he didn't explain it very well(not the translator, fukumoto i mean)

  7. Thank you SO much for the chapters!
    My gosh, those helmets ;___; reminds me of saw DX
    i don't really understand what the lights are for... how does someone in the 2nd or 3rd seat know? i don't really think the participants are allowed to talk....

  8. Thank you for the translation.

  9. I think it goes like this: the only way players on bottom seats can tell they're the savior is the fact that players above them haven't gone to press the button themselves.

    In other words, there is no room for doubt. If the top player hesitates, the ones below him might come to think they are the savior and thus ruin their chances of getting any money by pressing the button. On the other hand, if the bottom player thinks the other two are hesitant (while in truth being the savior himself), he might wait until it's too late and get their heads crushed in.

    >Woah, getting your head crushed is unusually graphic. I mean sure we had our fair share of torture in the past, but this takes the cake
    I disagree. It might not have been nearly as brutal but I think Blood Red Manicure was FAR worse than any violence in media I've seen.

    1. Wow that makes sense. That would give so much anxiety for the people sitting on the bottom. Now its even MORE suspenseful!

  10. With having to wait for a guaranteed 30 seconds, then waiting for top to do nothing, and finally for middle to do nothing, the time window for the bottom-savior to hit the button is very slim.

  11. Good job translating that chart, seems like a huge pain in the ass.

  12. There has to be more to this game if the main purpose is to prove/disprove that humans will betray if it helps them...
    Quick question, if the hostages die does the savior still get the money they earned up to now? If yes, the game is going to get really interesting once they get past the 12th round or so...

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  14. Spoilers ahead
    *Halfway through the game (round 8/9), the rules change a bit. If the savior does not hit the button in time (or the wrong person gets up), both of the hostages die, AND the savior/survivor gets DOUBLE the amount shown on the board.*

    So, if in round 16 (final round), the savior decides to say, "Fuck friendship, money is more important", he can potentially get 200 million and the expense of two other lives.


    The moment the reward goes above 33.3 million, it behooves the Savior to let the others die. Both to get a higher reward than sharing would have given, and also to ensure one's survival.