Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Akagi Chapter 169

What? A new Akagi in less than a week?! Yes, I know, it's amazing. We're working to get back up to speed here on Akagi, last volume took something crazy like 6 months, but this volume is almost guaranteed to be many times faster. Kaiji's still chugging along, there should be a release here soon. In this chapter of Akagi, Washizu very nearly plays his Xia!

Thanks to Doc for his relatively quick cleans, and to Kazuhiko for his very quick typesetting. Mahjong Day will be this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, or 3:00 PM PST, on the #fkmtkrazy IRC channel.


"Once the enemy took notice of it. . . It would drag them in! Trap the enemy within the Forest Labyrinth of Confusion!"

It seems as though there's no stopping Washizu now. He's seen through Akagi's bluff, and he's going to take full advantage of his read by dealing the tile he just drew! Indeed, this would be disastrous for Akagi; he wouldn't die immediately, but he most assuredly would die within the next few draws, since Washizu's luck is at its peak. But just then... the white suits grab hold of Washizu and pull him back! They cannot allow their Washizu-Sama to deal into a potential Yakuman hand! Indeed, this appears to be the second time the White Suits have stopped Washizu from going with his gut and making the deciding move; and in two rounds back to back, no less. He could have tsumo'd a double yakuman in the last round, and now it appears he's going to turn back from the chance to Tsumo a Yakuman in this round, as well. 

...At least, you would think so, but Washizu seems vehemently opposed to turning back now, even though Akagi is putting himself at tremendous risk by riiching in Noten, and even though Akagi dropped an opaque tile on his second turn, which would seem to imply that he was not collecting opaque tiles specifically, this round. Indeed, Akagi purposefully cut the opaque 8-man early on in order to make them draw exactly that conclusion, which Washizu picks up on immediately.

Akagi seems fairly confident at this point that Washizu will listen to his White-Suited advisors and keep the Xia in his hand... and surprisingly, he thinks that simply by Washizu avoiding his Kokushi, he will be the one who has the upper hand! Does he have some way of telling that Suzuki or Yasuoka will win should Washizu give up? I suppose only time will tell!


  1. Hell yes!!! thank you so much!

  2. Damn Akagi, so this is what you mean before, Sonic.

    1. By it getting way better? Nope, still not there yet.

    2. This gets BETTER? Jesus.


  4. No longer is Gamble Fish the only gambling manga with plant tentacle rape.

  5. Beautiful chapter! I guess this is what Akagi meant with Washizu's core which he wanted to see.

  6. Only 76 more chapters to the end of the 6th round. The author sure knows how to stretch a single hanchan into something that took years to complete.