Thursday, April 4, 2013

Akagi Chapter 167

A new Akagi chapter, at long last! In this chapter, everyone thinks Washizu has already won the whole game! He nearly has his Kokushi Musou Tenpai, all he needs to do is draw it! Everyone believes the game is decided, but...?!

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"I'm going to give chase!"

When we last left Washizu, he had made his way to a Kokushi Musou Tenpai, racing his way far far ahead of Akagi's Kokushi, which was still more trash than hand, at 4-Shan-Ten. Naturally, Washizu is overjoyed at this development, and Ohgi is devastated. There really seems to be no hope left for Akagi; barring a sudden whirlwind of change in the momentum, Washizu will not only complete his hand, which would be bad enough, but he will Tsumo it, taking a massive 1620 ccs from Akagi in one fell swoop. Indeed, if this were normal Mahjong, there would be nothing that could be done. Akagi would not be able to make any move and would merely have to hope Washizu wouldn't Tsumo with the Haku. But the transparent tiles open a pathway for something that normally cannot be done. Something that is only allowed because of the incomplete information that the Transparent Tiles serve to deliver. And that something is...

Stone cold bluffing. Indeed, Akagi's hand appears as if it could be in Kokushi Musou tenpai. Of course, it is not a perfect bluff. If Washizu were to discover the locations of just two of the Opaque tiles Akagi is bluffing that he has (those are the 9-Man, 9-Sou, Ton, Xia, Pei, and Haku), it would become 100% clear that Akagi is bluffing, without question. Even with just one of those opaque tiles known, his only possibility would be a Tenpai waiting on that tile. A better bluff would be to have one of his Nans be opaque as well, so that there is also a possibility of a 13-sided wait. But that too could be unmasked by discovering the location of one of those 6 tiles. However, at the present, Washizu does not know where even one of those Opaque tiles are, making this just about as good a bluff as Akagi could make.

But should it happen that Washizu draws one of those 6 tiles which is NOT his winning Haku, things could get very interesting, very fast...


  1. Thanks for the release
    + Do you intend to continue translating vol 9 & 10?

  2. That doesnt make sense though
    Why would you need to riichi? The riichi doesn't add any points since it is already yakuman, so it's an obviously a bluff

  3. It's a deliberate handicap - Akagi is guaranteeing that he can no longer improve his hand, something that very few people could do if they were not already in tenpai. Washizu doesn't know if it's a bluff or a double bluff.

  4. Chapter 168 of Akagi? What happened to Chapter 167? Oh wait, that's this one. You might want to clear that up for next time.

    Looking forward to Washizu contort his features in mind-twisting agony while Akagi shows his infamous Poker (Mahjong) face.

  5. inb4 Washizu folds his hand

  6. Well, there goes my theory of Akagi using Washizu's terminal and honour discards for a honrouto.