Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 7

Hey, everyone's busy but me, again! And that means, it's time to edit another chapter of Rude 39! Yeah, sorry for the slower releases, this happens to be the end of the quarter for a lot of us, so naturally people are going to be busy. I took my midterms already, tho, so I had time to work on this. Though I probably should have asked Crump and Kazuhiko if they wanted to help. >_>;

Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, as per usual, which is 3:00 PST. I may or may not be coming, however, as I will be up in seattle for Spring Break.


"If you want to think of Pachinko like a business, then we'll be the elite businessmen of the Pachinko world!"

And we continue the Prep School Students arc with a reluctant Katagiri and a group of 12 students who are all terrible at Pachinko. How can this mismatched group ever succeed at making a business out of pachinko? Two words: Scotch Tape.

So yeah, this was actually a pretty ingenious plan that Katagiri came up with; it takes advantage of the fact that not all machines are adjusted every night, so even without being able to see how good the nails are at a glance, it will still allow everyone who's privy to the information of which machines have payed out the ability to know whether or not the machines are still good to use. And impressively, Fukumoto manages to put a ton of metaphors and similes into this chapter without a single one being expressed visually. Though that said, I might have liked to see one of the kids with a plate catching honey from a beehive for just one panel.

The only flaws I can see with Katagiri's plan are that the machines that weren't paying out that have unstuck tape aren't guaranteed to pay out today, and that it might be a bit difficult to sneak the tape onto the machine around a group of people who are aware that tape is banned in Pachinko Parlors. That second one seems like the biggest flaw to me; one wrong move and the whole gig will be up. But we didn't see Katagiri's whole explanation, maybe he has some way of sneaking the tape on there without anyone noticing.

All I know is that this was a very interesting chapter and makes me all the more excited to see where this arc will be going next. 4 more chapters to go!


  1. The problem with this plan is, that it can backfire quite a lot. If i were a Pachinko Owner spotting such a tape, i would simply adjust the nails extra hard on that one and then put a new tape on it. I mean its not an uncommon trick so you would assume the owners would check their machines out for that.

    Altough i have no idea how big those parlors actually are, so checking them all could be too much of work.

    1. Yeah, that's bound to happen eventually through coincidence, but this plan should hold up quite nicely for a while because most Pachinko Parlors are massive; multiple stories with rows and rows of machines. There's no way that the staff can adjust every last machine, and will probably only check a couple of them for tape each night. The only way the owners would get suspicious would be to find the tape on the machine, which is in a hard place to see if you're not looking for it. I agree, it's not perfect, but it's still pretty awesome considering that there's no way the owners will be able to figure out who's doing it even if they find the tape, since there's 12 people cycling through every 12 days.

    2. if i where the owner i would check using the same procedure, so not just the regular maintenance but also the ones that have been paying a lot and being strict, then i would go with the tape trolling.

      so today these 20 haven generous lets do tape check, i see these 5 have tape on, lest make them harder and put some tape back.

      these other 15 have been quite hard, and they had tape on it, lets do nothing but remove the tape on 7 and let it be on the rest.

      i sincerely think that mr.fukumoto put romance on this manga, just to balance the fact that it is not really as good as his other works.

  2. Yes love rude! Thank you! :D