Friday, March 22, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 14

Hey guys look it's another chapter of Kaiji! Woohoo! For those wondering about the absence, I have to admit that the delay is mainly due to yours truly. I was on spring break and drove up to Boston to visit some friends. Next week is going to be a hellstorm of tests, work, and general sleeplessness. Nonetheless, Kaiji moves on!

Thanks to the regular folks for providing me with all the stuff necessary for me to do my job. Js06 for his translations, Biggums for his cleans, and Sonickrazy for his proofreading.

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*mad scientist vibes*

So what's the deal with Mitsuyama, Chang, and Mario? Well, they're going to be the participants for Kazuya's friendship-testing experiment! It turns out that Mario comes from the Philippines. That, uh, explains his name, I suppose? It's quite easy for Kazuya to purchase their friendship, only a measly 10 million yen is needed from him! Even Kaiji could afford it at this point. But would Kaiji be kind enough to relieve The Asian Three from their debt? But who am kidding, Kazuya doesn't really care about those three at all, they really are just experimental rats to him. I really like how he blatantly calls them trash right in from of the three;  he really doesn't have no sympathy at all. 

But in regards to the experiment, what will they be doing? Something called the Salvation Game! What could it mean? I'm really not sure. From the look of the three-seat device and the odd (and apparently ugly) helmets they are wearing, it seems unlikely that they'll be physically scavenging for goodies. So then, how could The Asian Three possibly transform their tiny 2150 yen into 100 million? 

With some gambling, no doubt.


  1. Really good chapter.
    Although given Kazuya's track record, I'm pretty sure they get less than "nothing" if they lose...

  2. So I'm wondering if this is the sort of game where everyone can win, or if it's one where only some of them can win. I'm guessing it's the type where everyone will be able to get rid of their debts, but greed will lead to trouble.

  3. Let the gamble begin...! :D
    hm... i'm really interested in what the chair is for...

  4. The only way i can see it having no physical torture is if it can increase their debts or so. Of course, proving to kaiji that he is right is good itself, but he probably didn't think it would come to that "bet" of who is right

  5. My guess is that the game will be a typical example of the "Prisoners dilemma" work together and you get something, betray and you earn the most, get betrayed and lose the most.

  6. I see one option for avoiding bad things happening for the Asian trio: Perhaps it is a bet between Kazuya and Kaiji as well. If Kazuya is proven right, the debt will be transferred to Kaiji instead and the trio gets out unharmed.

    1. I could see it happening but wouldn't 10 mil be chump change to Kaiji at this point? He wouldn't get too dramatic after losing it now.

      Thinking of it, where the fuck is his money anyway? He didn't get a chance to deposit it somewhere right? Leaving it in Kazuya's bar or car seems just dumb.

    2. Why would it be dumb? No criminal would dare steal money from Teiai, after all.

  7. Less comments, but still awesome and such, keep it up!!

  8. -___-

  9. Missing next chapter ;___;
    What happens next.....?