Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rude 39 Chapter 6

Nobody expects Rude 39! Yeah, I've been informed that Kaiji and Akagi are both in the works, and I have been doing next to nothing for a week or so, so I figured I'd put my time to good use and do Chapter 6 of Rude 39 by myself. And this time, it seems like we're starting an actual story arc...! So yeah, in a rare twist, I am the Translator, Cleaner, and Typesetter for this chapter, just like old times. Hopefully I haven't gotten rusty.

Mahjong Day will be 2 Hours from the posting of this message on the IRC, so don't forget it!

"Ahhhh, I want to lose! Even just one more time would be fine!!"

Well, well, well, it seems like we're going to sidetrack from the usual formula of Katagiri owning at Pachinko, and switch to this story arc about Prep School students who need Katagiri to coach them at Pachinko! I've read ahead, and it seems like this story arc is going to fill out the rest of the volume, from chapter 6 all the way up to chapter 11. I suppose the episodic formula we had going was getting a bit old, so it should be interesting to see where this path takes us.

So we've got a trio of Prep School Students. They've been trying to get enough money to pay for college by gambling at Pachinko, but they're so bad at it that they've racked up close to a Million Yen in debts. They're in so deep that they can't make up the money through normal means like a part-time job, and they need to get better, fast. Cue Katagiri, who is so good at Pachinko that he simply cannot lose anymore, and is getting bored by the very idea of continuing to do something so uninteresting. So the Trio and Katagiri cross paths, and while he's against the idea at first, Katagiri eventually accepts to coach them after being made to feel guilty by Satomi. But he does require 30% of everything they win.

So this chapter was pretty much buildup for the coming story arc, where the trio winds up getting lucky enough to bust out all the machines Katagiri gives to them even though they're no different from any other machines. It really did feel quite rushed, even the titular "Cyclone" machine that was giving Nagai trouble only took 2 pages to conquer. I'd imagine that if there were more room, the other two might chip in their winnings to help conquer the machine, putting complete trust in Katagiri, and win it all back again after that. But as it was, Nagai just got crazy lucky within minutes of trying a second time and hit the jackpot. Speaking of Nagai, it's interesting that we got to know the names of Hamada and Nagai, but not the third prep school student, who seemed to be the De Facto leader of the group. Wonder if he'll get named in the coming chapters or not.

There were also some pretty funny moments in this chapter, namely where Katagiri and Satomi think that the trio is going to beat Katagiri up for bragging about how good he is, and even better, the moment where Satomi takes a jab at Katagiri's pride and he immediately takes a complete 180-degree turn from the stance he was taking before. Pussywhipped, anyone?

Finally, a translation note about "Shin-sen-gumi". I purposefully left it in Japanese instead of finding a suitable english alternative, because I feel the implication was that Katagiri isn't letting on exactly what he has in mind for this group, and is instead using a vague allusion to a historical group with a big goal in mind. I could be wrong, and he might just be saying that he's forming a new group for students like them, but I somehow think that's not what's going to happen. But I suppose we will see.


  1. The plot thickens. I wonder where Fukumoto could take this. A Pachinko school? Where do I sign up?

  2. Awesome, I was hoping to see some Rude 39 as well.

  3. Nice, great job on doing it by yourself. Looks good! Hoping for more soon :)

  4. How many chapters left? two or three?

  5. Please keep translating this one, I'd like to read it when its finished.