Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 10

Woohoo! It's chapter 10! And it's also the end of this volume. But does that mean it's the end of Kayuza's book? Stick around to find out!

Thanks to the dudes are FKMTkrazy for their efforts in putting this together. Js06 for his translating skills, Biggums for his cleans, and Sonickrazy, back to do his proofreading!

Note from Sonickrazy: Probably won't get another chance to say this until Saturday, so I'll just remind you guys now that Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (2:00 PM PST) on Don't forget it!

So Arisa gets to use both her final swords simultaneously.And what's the result? One sword doesn't make it though, but that's bad now. But the other...hits flesh. That would be quite painful. I haven't seen such demented art from Fukumoto in a long time. It's really quite digusting how happy Arisa is at this though. Shouting for him to die repeatedly before the swords are stabbed, and being extremely elated when she realizes she got him. But wait, there's a catch! A simple sword though the chest won't kill a man that easily! It's takes a bit of time, and as long as that man, Tatsuya, can speak, he can gamble. If he were truly in love with Arisa, as the Boss says, he would realize that taking the last sword himself would save the one he loves!    

Too bad Arisa couldn't keep her mouth shut. 


  1. Great end to the volume. Thanks for this, guys.

  2. that hateful hateful woman, first she ruins the happy ending of going for the legs, and now she buts the "horror end" too, well since it looks like i lost the guess the end, can i say they both survive but they guy knows how much of a piece of shit SHE is? i need then alive living with hatred...

  3. What have we learned today? Women can be cut-throat-bitches.

    Thanks for the chapter :).

    Why is the captcha on again?

  4. Wow, what a bitch. Okay, the guy wouldn't act any different, but still...i understand the "die!" part, but then to act all innocent and lovely to get spared is plain disgusting.
    But i'm a little disappointed in the the end there was no real twist(in the game i mean)

  5. True love at its finest.

    Also badass ending to volume 1. Couldn't help but smirk myself.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. It's not a scoop all woman are like this lol.
    More seriously , for the first time a face "a la kaiji" for a girl ^^.
    So fukumoto knew how to draw girl from the beginning !
    Really cool
    (in zero it doesn't count it's not really a girl..)

  8. Thanks so much for this chapter! I really loved reading it... :)

  9. So, from an in-story perspective, how did Kazuya manage to make such a short story into an entire novel? Is it really short or did he just load it with a ridiculous amount of purple prose and other stuff like that? Also, Kaiji seems to be a really fast reader.