Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Akagi Chapters 71 & 72

And to finish off the volume in style, we give you a double release of both Akagi 71 and 72! In these chapters, Washizu Mahjong gets well underway, blazing through the first few rounds to describe some of the common strategies to use in the ruleset! Thanks as always to Doc and Kazuhiko for their stupendous work.

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"Well, you'll figure it out soon enough. And don't blame me when you do."

  • About 5 lines that weren't read verbatim in the anime.
Yeah, not much is new in this one. The quote that I picked from this chapter (above) really stumped me; I don't really know what Akagi was referring to there. I guess maybe that he's just acting like he's going to play defensive the whole game, while in reality that's just to make Washizu let his guard down? I really have no idea, but I'm sure it's foreshadowing to some event that I can't put my finger on, it just has that feeling.

As for the chapter, Akagi wins a few cheap hands off Yasuoka and then Washizu slaps some sense into him with a Riichi Ippatsu Mangan from Suzuki, rendering all of Akagi's minor wins useless. I'm sure Ohgi will have plenty to say about this strategy in the next chapter, mostly because I've read it.

"We have no choice but to stand on the same stage!"

Didn't even put up a new content section for this one because it's followed so verbatim in the Anime, though a few of Ohgi's lines were taken by the narrator in the anime. But yeah, Ohgi talks about how amazing Washizu's strategy is, and then we're thrust into the East 4th Round, where Akagi is presented with a dilemma. He can cut the 7-sou to get into Tenpai, but that is a highly dangerous tile as Washizu has a Dora, 6-sou in his hand that could be part of any number of waits to trap that 7-sou. And yet, Akagi plays it without fear! What could he be thinking?!

Well, you'll have to watch the Anime to find out, because we're going back to Volume 19 and continuing from there, ideally not stopping until we're all caught up to the Japanese releases. Stay tuned!


  1. Ah man Washizu back when he was so confident...It's nostalgic.

  2. "Well, you'll figure it out soon enough. And don't blame me when you do."
    pretty sure hes talking about the "second pond" or whatever he calls it, can't remember atm

  3. I'm so excited for latest Akagi chapters! can't wait for them, also Kazuya hen!

  4. Keep it balanced with Kazuya Hen releases, please...

    1. I think they are separated teams.

    2. Yeah 2 teams... And they already work pretty fast.

    3. Yeah no. I'm not expecting Hox levels of speed, but the KH team is pretty slow at this point.

  5. Much appreciated!
    Please finish these final 10-12 Akagi chapters first so they are done. Once they are finished they will no longer delay any of the more important work =p I think most of us would agree, better a bit of a delay now than later on the road when the things really heat up.

    Cause I am also looking forward to actual new chapters of Akagi AND Kaiji (yes, I know about the 2 teams thing so more akagi doesn't mean less kaiji) and maybe some random chapter of the Rude series in between and since both of these are "ongoing" we might as well wait a bit now between volumes.

    Anyway, that's just what I think, do as you like.

  6. Is he not referring to occult 'flow', similar to how Ten won by stealing the luckier players tiles? Notice at the start of the second round Akagi is getting the faster hands and better draws. I think it comes down to Akagi respecting Washizu's luck and ability to end this quickly, whilst Washizu shows blatant disregard for Akagi's game.

    Certainly not sure though, it confused me too. FKMT doesn't usually put that sort of foreboding in without a more concrete revelation down the line.