Sunday, February 17, 2013

Akagi Chapter 69

Yeah, teehee, 69, whatever. The important thing is that Kazuhiko is back and has finished the next chapter of Akagi for us, putting us only 3 chapters away from the end of the volume! In this chapter, Washizu bets his entire fortune, and Ohgi makes a tremendous wager...!

Thanks to Doc for the excellent cleans, and to Kazuhiko for typesetting this "Monster", as he put it. Mahjong Day went quite well yesterday, but I've implemented a new client for the Blog IRC page in hope that fewer people will disconnect with it. There's ads, but I believe it is more reliable.

Oh, and I guess I'll start posting links to the download in these blog posts, should make it a bit easier to find them.

"Bet one of your arms on this match, Ohgi!!"

  • Ohgi draws the correct conclusion that Washizu has all 500 Million in his manor based on how he is preparing to leave in a few days.
  • Washizu seems to be less thrilled about Ohgi's wager than he did in the Anime.
This chapter mostly was about Washizu accepting the tenfold wager and Ohgi betting his own arm. It is a bit interesting how willing he was to bet his arm, even though the odds are weighed against Akagi by over 25 to 1... but it still does make sense considering how much he wants Washizu to accept the bet. Thinking about it from Washizu's perspective, this bet is simply ridiculous; his prize will not increase no matter how high the rate is set, all that changes is that he can lose more money more quickly and get his reward, Akagi's death, sooner. 20 Million was chump change to him, worth throwing away for an evening of excitement, but 500 Million is his entire fortune, the valuation of everything he owns. He came into the night expecting to have a fun game where he got to witness the death of a smarmy young man, but instead was pressured into a game with his lifelong fortune on the line. Considering that, it really would be a tremendous leap for him to accept this deal where his only reward is Akagi's death, no more or less than what he expected to get, but with much more risk.

And that is the reason why Ohgi had to bet his arm in order for Washizu to accept the wager; with that, Washizu's reward is not limited to one man's death alone, but he also gets to take something of priceless value from someone who has essentially betrayed him to his face. It could be said that, at this moment in time, Washizu wants to beat Ohgi more than he wants to beat Akagi. I think that, had Ohgi said no to this wager, Washizu would have immediately said no deal and called the game off. So even though Ohgi probably wasn't 100% confident in Akagi's ability, and the odds were fairly low that he would actually win, the chance to get that 500 Million outweighed the risk he would take by betting his arm. Still a very badass decision.


  1. I sure couldn't do what Ohgi did. I think I'd be unhappy too if I had to bet my everything for one match; this post Sonickrazy made is very insightful

  2. Man, Akagi never gets old. Thanks for releasing these older chapters, really appreciated.

  3. So basically...Ohgi is a badass.

  4. You guys are on fire it seems, but no tweets so I almost missed this =o