Friday, February 1, 2013

Akagi Chapter 68

Finally some new content... Kazuhiko was really busy with school and I have the terrible excuse of having been addicted to Disgaea 4 for the past week and a half. But we should be getting back to the grind here very soon, I have all of Akagi Volume 8 translated, so now it's a matter of Kazuhiko balancing his schedule enough to work on some chapters. Thanks to him for doing just that this chapter, and to Doc for having cleaned the chapter in the distant past.

Also, WE WILL MOST DEFINITELY, INEXCUSABLY BE HAVING A MAHJONG NIGHT TOMORROW AT 22:00 GMT, so please be there so we can start it back up again!

"If we don't set that 20 Million to be equal to 20,000 points . . . I won't be able to kill you!"

  • Instead of there being a high-tech pumping machine to extract Akagi's blood, the manga features a low-tech version where a stopper is removed, forcing the blood to extract to fill up the empty space.
Yeah, still not anything major that's new in the manga, though I do find it somewhat interesting how they somewhat upped the level of technology in the Anime from the manga. There's the simple device that's shown here, which wouldn't cost that much money to obtain, as well as the fact that a simple wooden stand is used to hold the Dora, in place of a slit that opens up in the table. Oh, and the points are held in a normal tray on a table next to each of the players here, as opposed to there being a drawer in the side that opens up to deposit points in. I suppose that big, automatic devices do give it more of a Saw-like feel, and make it feel more orchestrated, but I think it makes sense that Washizu wouldn't want to draw too much attention by buying a bunch of new equipment apart from the self-shuffling table.

All right, it's spoiler time again, so if you haven't read Akagi Volume 14, please do not read on or click the "read more" button, as I will be talking about something that happens then. Thank you.
So, this is the big one. The big ol' piece of foreshadowing that I was talking about a few chapters back, which kind of slaps you in the face with its obviousness once you know the twist where Akagi transfused extra blood into himself. If you missed it, here's the page:

In context, Washizu was just ranting about how it'd be impossible for Akagi to survive if he dealt into 2 Mangan hands, which would make him lose 16,000 ccs of blood. I kind of beefed up the wording to make it sound less awkward in english, but a very direct translation would be "It's not that I couldn't survive". Basically, he's telling Washizu that he can survive after reaching the supposed lethal limit. Washizu mentions that losing 2,000 ccs would be lethal as well, so it's not just directed at the 1,600, but if you weren't reading too much into it you might see it as an offhanded comment about how he thinks he's tough enough to fight off the lack of consciousness that comes with going beyond 1,500 ccs, but there's definitely more than that if you look at it more closely. Washizu notices the bizarre nature of Akagi's comment, and wonders what he could possibly mean. Akagi moves on immediately, as if he didn't want Washizu to think about what he meant too much. The whole structure of this page makes it feel like a complete sidetrack from the subject they're talking about... after all, Akagi would just explain himself if there wasn't something he wasn't letting on.

Of course, this is not to say that first-time readers should have been able to figure out the twist on their own. If they did, then good for them, but the beauty of this foreshadowing is that it isn't obvious, it can easily be overlooked due to the context and the way that Akagi moves on immediately. It's only on a second reading that you see the little clues planted here and there, which is exactly how good foreshadowing is supposed to be.

Oh, and this moment was in the Anime, too. It was gone through more quickly and wasn't treated as importantly as it was here, but then they had a tight schedule to work with, pacing-wise.


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  2. Thx for the new chapter!! I'm so looking forward to you getting back on the track after the 8th Volume!

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    1. Once we've caught up to Kaiji and Akagi, I'll consider it. But it would be a big investment, and you never know when they'll come back to work on it, again.

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  6. How can one not read past volume 14? I can unsterstand someone to start late, just having discovered Akagi and all that, but basically everything is covered if you read the available chapters and watch the anime.