Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kazuya-Hen Chapter 4

And right after Chapter 3's release, we have Chapter 4 here for you guys! Lots of talking this time around, but it's quite interesting. Kudos to Js06 for the script, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the transformative proofreading.

Really though, it kinda sounds like they're on a date.

Oh those cute little tildes that make Kazuya sound so endearing. Can you imagine how charismatic he sounds? Anyways, Kazuya continues to attempt to seduce explain himself to Kaiji, who wants none of his excuses. You see, Kazuya wasn't actually "personally involved" in all of their deaths. He was only the sponsor! Think about it. You're in insurmountable debt. Then, Kazuya comes to you with an offer. He will clear your debt and on top of that give you 10 million if you win his gamble? The only fine print is that if you lose, you lose your life. Fair deal, right? Kazuya isn't forcing anyone to accept his deal anyway! But Kaiji doesn't like it. It's still forcing them if they basically have no choice! Still though, the way the gamblers act is quite deplorable. Begging him to let them in the gamble and begging him to let them out if they lose. It is a bit lacking in sportsmanship, but hey, it's their life they're talking about. I'm sure anyone would do anything to get out of it. Even if that does include death threats from beyond the grave. What did catch my attention, however, was that it wasn't the gamble itself that killed the gambler (unlike in MKaiji's bridge), it was the men in black who bludgeoned the poor soul to death.

Could this give a clue as to what Kazuya has in store for Kaiji?


  1. Awesome! Thanks, you guys. Love this manga.

  2. woa you people are on a roll! this was faster than expected.

  3. Love it; can't wait for the next chapter. This chapter shows the worst human nature... The way the gamblers behave is deplorable. But Kazuya is quite the evil for exploiting miserable people like that....

  4. I throw my fists in the air when I see updates on your blog!!! yeah!!

  5. Nah, i still hold on to my initial believe(since he pretty much confirmed what i thought all along) that they are twisted but not evil per se. Okay, calling him a saviour and good guy is a bit too much, but like he said, he doesn't force anyone, the people come to HIM (like kaiji did) to ask for a chance to get money, people who are too stupid by getting into dept to begin with. Not to mention, like kaiji himself said at the beginning of part2, it might be harsh, but they can always work off their huge debt in like 30 years. If you want to bet your useless life because you are too lazy for that, thats definietly your own fault, and Kazuya is merely taking advantage of it. It's like saying mcdonalds is evil for using college dropouts as clerks, because they have no other choice but to work for low paying restaurants.

  6. Some of you guys are seeing shades of grey where it's really just black and white. Kazuya is straight up evil. It shouldn't even be up for debate at this point. You have to ignore everything that Fukumoto has written these past four chapters, plus all the stuff that was already in 17 steps dealing with Kazuya, to come to the conclusion that he is not pure fucking evil.

    He killed his classmate for talking back to him. He was 15 years old. Do you think he thought Kazuya was serious when he told him that it was a life or death gamble? Unlikely, since he was fifteen. Do you remember when you were fifteen, how naive you were and shit? Well? Would you think a classmate would actually have you killed for talking back to him? Fuck no. And hell, even if you did, you're fucking fifteen and probably think you can't die. That that wouldn't happen to you. Because for

    Then, we have the debtors. Judging by the comments, I can assume that anyone defending Kazuya in anyway hasn't really had to worry about money. Fuck. Even that's not an excuse. Kazuya literally pits people in debt against each others in gambles to the death for his own amusement. Then he relishes in there pleas to have their lives spared. And the fucking cherry on top, he views himself as a savior, and as if there is nothing he can do. But there is, he can not kill them. He gets a sort of satisfaction from watching people die. Begging is not enough.

    Kazuya preys on the weak and desperate, and watches in amusement as they break. Kazuya is not paying off someone's debt plus 10 mil from the bottom of his heart, that's the price he pays for his show.

    I would suggest some of you get psychiatric help or some shit but honestly I think these posts are more just a ploy to try and look cool or something. How anyone can hold it against Kazuya's victims for begging to not be killed is beyond me. Not to mention he doesn't do it quick and easy. We see him taking his time. Having them beat to death. Tortured. Other fucked up shit.

    Anyway, Kazuya is pretty much the best villain ever. Ever chapter I read I end up feeling like Kaiji said he felt this chapter. Just sick to my stomach, like I can't eat.

  7. Indeed Kazuya is evil, no doubt about it; but it's also like he said, he doesn't force anyone to their miserable end; if you accept such a gamble you should be prepared to face the worst consequence. If I ever take a gamble like that and end up at the short end of the stick; for sure I will never plead for my life.

  8. ^ That's only what you think now, looking at it from outside. Being the psychologic great work Kaiji is, one of the many nuances of human nature it elaborates upon is the fear toward death and its rejection up to the last moment, by all means. Even the most composed individuals end up losing their shit and asking/begging to be saved.

    Even Kaiji kept himself together when they were cutting off his fingers, but when he was going to be condemned to a whole life underground (a probable early death, actually), he really lowered himself begging to Ichijou like that.

    When you're in such a desperate situation as these debtors, you aren't really giving a thought to the idea of ''dying''. You are simply focusing on the fact that you're given a chance to get out of the shithole, that it is your random opportunity, fate, Divine intervention or whatever you believe in, and jump on that bandwagon of ruin thinking you are ''prepared to die''. Whereas you're actually only thinking of the brighter end, deluding yourself that you've made up your mind for death and that the underlying fear you're feeling is all that there's ever gonna be to it.

    ... And when you lose and the time comes, you can't really accept it. I mean, what have you done? Given up on any other way out and put all your remaining years, your existence at risk on some STUPID GAME? And now you're going to lose your life for such a thing? No way, that can't be happening, right? Not to you. There's no way that's the manner in which YOUR life is going to end. There's so much to do, so much to enjoy even with your current measly lifestyle... And suddenly there seem to be tons of potential ways out in your mind, numerous paths to remake your life through hard work and effort. You think you have that; you're suddenly convinced that you do like you never were ever before. And yet, they're going to kill you for no real reason. No grudge, no crime, nothing. Just because you lost a game.

    And so, you beg.

    This is not some medieval glorious age when most people was prepared to die any moment since really early in their lives (and even without the begging, the fear was definitely there). Current society prepares us to live to revel on mundane pleasures. Death is often not even considered an inherent part of life and its mention is even avoided. Our minds just don't work like that anymore, and that's it.

  9. Kazuya has a point. Can't argue against it. He may be evil and at court he would be convicted as a murderer, but he definitely has a point. The victims chose their destiny themselves.

  10. SekaiNoHitatsuDakeNoHanaJanuary 10, 2013 at 9:01 AM

    Are you guys fking out of your mind; Kazuya is one fucking son of bitch, he is exploiting and murdering people for his amusement and trying to justify it. He is just taking advantage of people who have no hope left in their life. He is a scumbag, who is is killing torturing people just for a good laugh. I can't believe the comments here.

  11. Was expecting kaiji to think/do a monologue that he is the one who will be the sum of their haunting. Maybe he still will.

    And of course kazuya is evil.

  12. I love this, this chapter really made you guys think about the nature of evil. <3

  13. I won't say if he's evil or not, I'd say he's just twisted motherfucker and leave it at that. We have yet to see if he's actually a fair player in his games. Thanks for chapter guys

  14. @SekaiNoHitatsuDakeNoHana That may be, but he never forced anyone.

    Anyway, I somehow even like Kazuya. He's an interesting person.

  15. @the first anon guy

    I completely agree with your opinion about Kazuya. The other Kaiji villains I have not been nearly as creeped out by or disgusted by. Literally I feel sickened by Kazuya so much it is starting to make me enjoy this manga less. I might need to wait until this part is fully translated to read idk

  16. LoveBaraToGinNoKimochiJanuary 11, 2013 at 4:54 AM

    Oye guys I thinks thatKazuya boy is genuinely ok guy just a little spoiled little kid. I think its the other peoples fault that they die. He let them play after they agree. Not his fault that they are losing. He tries to save poor people; risk is there but to be rich you need to be risk.

  17. If these people are so far in debt that loan sharks are pounding down their doors, why is it that Kazuya's to blame? Either they get killed by loan sharks, or they gamble with Kazuya. You think they should just lay down and give up? If I was going to be killed anyway, there's no way I wouldn't go for the gamble. Though I'd probably bring a cyanide tablet with me in case I lost.
    Anyway, Kazuya's great, I like him a lot.

  18. Can't believe people saying that Kazuya is trying to help out people in need. God, he's trying to use them for profit and his own amusement, no more no less. His having an upfront policy when it comes to explaining the risks and such to the debtors doesn't change at all his intention in making them play.

    He doesn't care who lives or dies, the important thing is for there to be a fun spectacle based on human carnage. And if they all died that'd actually be a GOOD THING. More fun, less of his pocket money to give to the surviving debtors.

    He is logical and correct in informing them properly, but that doesn't make his intentions and activities any less evil.

    But again, that contrast is what makes him a great Fukumoto villain.