Friday, January 11, 2013

Akagi Chapter 66

All right, we're blazing straight on through Volume 8! In this chapter, Akagi meets Washizu for the first time! What a blast to the past! Thanks to Doc for the cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the prompt typesetting.

"Akagi . . . is now before his greatest opponent... Washizu Iwao!"


  • Akagi and crew are shown entering the mansion through the gate, and then into the waiting room.
  • Washizu pulls Ohgi aside to talk about the arrangements that need to be taken care of should Akagi die.
  • Washizu explains all of the rules, rather than the narrator chiming in from time to time.

Yeah, the anime follows the manga pretty closely from here on in, I suppose because it's the most awesome part of the manga and they wanted to capture every moment of it. As well they should. I think there were maybe 4 pages total of new content, everything else was in the anime. The anime made things way more dramatic, with big swinging doors and Washizu appearing from the shadows of a doorway with lightning revealing his face.

It's pretty chill here at the start of the arc in the manga. I can imagine people reading this back when it first came out and being like "Cool, this sounds like a nice little sidetrack from normal mahjong, maybe it will last 3, maybe even 4 volumes?" Little did they know that 20 volumes and around 17 years later, the arc is just now ending in Japan. (Or so I've heard, I haven't read it yet because the volume releases are way behind the magazine releases)


  1. and to think that after all that akagi makes it alive, ups spoilers...

    1. Well if knowing the outcome was all the mattered then people would probably stop watching most movies and TV shows and stop reading most books. It's the process (or the journey) that matters really.

    2. the fact that we know how it ends, and we still read whit excitement what happened before show us how great it this series is! but taking the context maybe i should have said spoilers below since we already know what happens but not how it happens pon pon pon!

    3. We all ready know everything about the life and death of Akagi just from Reading Ten and It's sequel, Hero. Still, I think this arc is not quite finished in Japan, am I right?

      We still don't know what happens after this match, since in Ten is explicitly said that he retires after being in the underground world of gambling for only 3 years.

      Thanks for the release, I need to catch up with everything you're releasing!

  2. Its not about the destination, its about the journey...

  3. Fukumoto's really good at crafting long arcs that don't feel dragging though. That's because despite the length, the games still feel like they're progressing in some way, that there is an escalation of stakes and drama and character development and just when you think you hit the ceiling, another twist happens that just raises the bar even higher in insane ways that you'd never imagine. I hope it's the same with the Washizu arc as well. Still...200 chapters. Damn, if what I said earlier holds true then it must have been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

  4. Just wanted to point out that on page 18 panel 6, it should be "We don't BUILD walls". A minor quibble for an otherwise fine trial scanlation run, but I felt it needed to be said.