Thursday, January 10, 2013

Akagi Chapter 65

All right, finally back to work on Akagi. I said I was gonna finish Volume 8, and so I shall. Doc has all the cleans for the whole volume ready for us to do, so I'll try and get through them quick as I can so we can get back to the new stuff. This chapter does present some new information as well, so you have that to look forward to. Thanks go to Doc for his prompt cleans and to Kazuhiko for immediately setting to work on typesetting the chapter.

Oh, and if you guys want to have a Mahjong Day this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, you should feel free, but I can't come as I will be playing Mahjong with Crump and his buds irl. But we should definitely get that started back up again.

"Even if I killed 5 or 6 pieces of human trash . . . there should be no problem with that!!"

  • More detail about the bribery and blackmail that Washizu used to get out of responsibility
  • Washizu explains that it is Ohgi that will be taking care of Akagi's corpse should he lose
So yeah, just a few more details about what Washizu did to avoid being sent to prison. But let's just get the obvious thing out of the way first: Holy shit, Washizu looks so different from how he does in the newer chapters. I think Fukumoto was still trying to find a face for him at this point; even over the course of the chapter we see his chin get rounder, his face get wider, his eyes get more large and twisted. Talk about art evolution.

Something interesting I found in this chapter was the idea that Ohgi and the Inada group were going to ensure that the body was disposed of properly... I imagine his white suits got a thorough beating after all the evidence they left behind when they were getting rid of it. Speaking of his white suits, Yoshioka's face hasn't changed all that much from his first appearance here; it's gotten a bit more detailed but he's still very much recognizable from the other White Suits, at least to me.

Okay, SPOILERS FOR VOLUME 14 will be below the cut, so please do not read on if you have not read up to the very end of volume 14, thank you.

All right, I think there was a bit of foreshadowing for the blood-transfer twist here in this chapter: the very fact that he stopped specifically at a doctor's office and got energy drinks rather than going to some store and getting a case of water is some pretty heavy foreshadowing that he had other things in mind. We also don't actually see him get out of the car, the only shot we see is him climbing up the stairs. He could easily be carrying something in his pocket or somewhere, like a bag of the 500 ccs of blood he had taken out. The last panel of the chapter even has him chuckling to himself, as if there's something he's not telling Ohgi and Yasuoka. I've heard people call that twist an ass pull, but ass pulls don't have foreshadowing, certainly not so far back before the battle as this. I believe there's even more foreshadowing later on, so if this wasn't particularly satisfying you can just wait and see what other instances there are. :)


  1. Awesome! I hope you can finish the unscanned volumes soon. I don't wanna catch up on the latest chapters unless I can read the whole package.

    1. You could just watch the anime from episodes 15-26, then jump to the manga starting at chapter 109? That'd be a quick way to make up for the gap. But if you don't mind waiting a few months/years, that's cool too.

    2. That's how I did it too... But I've seen the anime at least 3 times =p
      Skipped most chapters though because of the anime except the cho-han sessions and that bit that wasn't included in the anime.
      This is bonus stuff, so interesting again!
      And once ALL of the manga is scanlated I might pick it up for a complete read, but for now I'm happy with the way things are here.

  2. Thanks so much!

    The "energy drink" part was in the anime as well. I hate to be the "I called it!" guy but... I called it when I watched it. Guess I'm just brilliant.

  3. Art evolution in my Fukumoto work? Perhaps the art changes with the personality of the character.

  4. Washizu looks like Arthas in his dead knite form from Warcraft 3 = )

  5. I'm normally against translating stuff we all had in the anime but damn, that "contributions!" face was worth it.

  6. I'm sure it won't take you that long to fill in the gap:P If you blaze through volume 8 like you said then it's just volume 9 and 6 chapters of volume 10 to go! I've watched the anime five times so I could jump on to the later stuff whenever I want but still there's something satisfying about reading the whole thing! Besides, the anime great as it was (and it is a great adaptation), did cut out some interesting tidbits to simplify the story for pacing purposes.

    No rush guys, just wanted to let you know that there are plenty of us who appreciate your work on the older stuff. I'll wait as long as needed.