Thursday, October 11, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 108 & 109

Woo! A double release!! And the completion of another volume of DKaiji!! Only two more volumes to go, and believe me, it gets pretty crazy at the end.

Apologies for the long delay, a random set of unfortunate coincidences coincided (unavailability, broken MSN, time zone differences, MIDTERMS) and something like this happens. Note from Sonickrazy: I must formally apologize for the delay in releases, it was entirely my fault. I had to catch up on assignments while at the same time fighting an onslaught of depression, which caused me to neglect my proofreading duties. I'm not trying to justify it, I am merely stating what happened. I'll try and get some more proofing done soon. inb4 rage

But still, thanks to the regular crew for working on these chapters despite all the circumstances! Js06 for his speedy scripts, Biggums for his crystal clear cleans, Kazuhiko for his terrific typesetting, and Sonickrazy for his precise proofreading.

In addition, I would like to point out a little blog that our dedicated and brilliant cleaner, Crump Biggums, has made. You find the blog here. I do have to say, it is quite amazing to see how fast he works. Plus, you guys get to see the progress of our projects a little bit ahead of time!

Kaiji: Certified Badass

Not so fast Muraoka. Just because you're dumbfounded by the situation doesn't mean that you get to slide past this one. You going into this game, whether you want to or not. He really hasn't risked this much money, and it really does show. Kaiji, even though he had risked 100 million yen before, also can't take this nicely. His loss means his death! At least Muraoka will survive, even if he's ruined financially. Despite what he says, dirty money is still dirty money, even if he put in a lost of effort into obtaining it. And so Kazuya continues to harass the both of them and because of it Muraoka is dying to kill him. Kaiji on the other cool as a cucumber. The doubled stakes only seems to get him fired up!

Is the Kaiji we've been waiting for finally showing up?

The use of "ergo" is the sign of a intelligent, high-educated, and sophisticated man. Or it was.

"Time to finish this!" Aw yeah Kaiji, you know what's up. Take the flow while you can! It looks like you're much more prepared than the maniacal Muraoka at any rate. His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spag-ahh I went off-topic a bit. But yeah, he's clearly freaking out, and as much as he tried to psych himself up with claims of "superiority" over the "scum" that is Kaiji, we all know his bite is much worse than his bark. After all, not even his little psychological tricks work on Kaiji, the badass motherlover who gambles at the edge ALL DAY ERRY DAY. In fact, Kaiji turns the tables by simply stating that Muraoka will lose, and that freaks Muraoka so much he straight-up gavels the hourglass during his juvenile protests.

And so the next match begins...


  1. Excellent. So the final match begins. I wonder what that on Muraoka's hands was. The author usually doesn't do things like that carelessly. I bet that's going to come up again somehow.

    Oi! Soniccrazy! The only thing you got to be depresed about is not having more chapters of Kaiji to work with! I would be ecstatic to have a virtual monopoly on Fukumoto's works as a subbing group! You get all the glory and all the praise from us who can't read japanese. We are like the 45'ers depending on you to see us through that dark tunnel to the light.


  2. Dude, don't be so hard on yourself. Everyone here gets that you people are doing this as a hobby and appreciates what they get. I'm sure that I speak for everyone (everyone who is sane anyway) that your academic, professional, and social obligations come first. In other words, thanks for the free mangas!

  3. Have I ever said, its an unqualified pleasure to see that you've released a new one of Kaiji every time?

    Thanks, again....


  4. "inb4 rage"

    nope. i feel like kaiji on perica payday! These 2 chapters are a boon. Thanks dudes.

    Hope you guys have a happy week-end. Maybe some of the mahjong players can join FKMTkrazy's weekly session to cheer the proofreader up :D

    1. I hope so! I was waiting the entire day to start a game last week, but only 1 other person queued with me and we never got to play. Hopefully we can have a rockin' Mahjong saturday like the last few weeks.

      Saturday at 22:00 GMT!

  5. I love Muraoka's response to Kaiji telling him he's going to lose. He's so adorable.

  6. Awesome chapters. Its great to see Kaiji psyche out his opponent. Dare we say Kaiji as completely matured as a gambler? I just don't want him to end up in debt by signing a contract without looking again.


  7. Rage? You guys update so fast since you started this, a bit slack here and there from a member is totally justified. Though his reason anoys me abit...depression, ugh, what is there to get depressed about in life? You're alive
    Have you learned nothing from Kaiji? XP

  8. Don't be hard on yourselves, it's always worth the wait. And even with a few delays here and there, your scanlations are still done much quicker than the previous groups were.

  9. It's awesome to see Kaiji fired up. Could it be than he's finally going to become an awesome Gambler?

    Don't worry about the delay, everyone get good and bad days. I hope things get better.

  10. Please take it easy sonic. Start of uni can be an emotional whirlwind. Bear in mind that a lot of (especially social) stuff can be kind of forced in the first semester. Things get a bit more natural as time goes on. Don't sweat the first year grades - just concentrate on taking the time to get comfortable in the environment.

    Out of the many FKMT fans, only you had the willpower to learn japanese and get it done - you can do anything

  11. Hi, great work and thanks for the fast(even 1 chapter a month would be more than enough) releases.
    after all its a hobby for all of us.
    could you please put volume 11 as Volume Download on mediafire. thanks.

  12. You guys kick ass!! 2 chapters since last week, still beats any other release, keep it up!!

    When the final 2 volumes are released, will you put up a batch torrent? That'd be appreciated!

  13. I don't think anyone here is going to be enraged when you don't release the chapters as quickly as usual. We're all incredibly thankful for your superb dedication. Even if you were to take a year long hiatus you would still be the best FKMT translation group there ever was. A few weeks are nothing. Talk to you guys on Mahjong day.

    By the way, I've started studying Japanese at university last week and it's amazing. I hope I will be able to translate some FKMT stuff in the (hopefully not all too distant) future ^__^

  14. Dont listen to these people, please keep releasing as you have done =p

  15. Don't be sad sonickrazy. I made this for you (and the rest of the team).

    I love you guys.

  16. Vol 11 hasn't been uploaded to the completed volumes section yet..

  17. thank you!
    hopefully kaiji is fired up but won't lose to muraoka in the end D:

  18. kaiji is fired up? me too sir