Saturday, September 22, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 96 & 97 & 98

Hey guys, guess what? As a celebration for the great success that was non-Mahjong Mahjong Day, we have a gift for you all! Another Triple Release!! I'm been waiting a lot time to say this but what does that make? A Triple Triple Release!!! This is the what happens when you put the combined effort of FKMTkrazy all into one project. Absolute madness. I didn't even know we could run this fast.

This time, I'm adding another name to those whom which we owe our thanks. Js06, the translator, Biggums, the cleaner, Sonickrazy, the proofreader, aaaaand Kazuhiko, the typesetter who pretty much doubled (more than doubled if I do say myself) our typesetting speed.

Note from Sonickrazy: I'd say No-Mahjong Day was a smashing success, with 15 different people showing up and having it go for 6 solid hours! We'll be going back to regular Mahjong Day next week, but another E-Card game of epic proportions is sure to be in the making if we ever do it again!

Looks like Muraoka's...gone off the deep end! *Yeahhhhhhh*

Damn, Maeda sure hit the nail on the head on that one. Now Muraoka's freaking out at every turn he takes. Meanwhile, all Kazuya is doing is admiring the absolute ingenuity of Kaiji's plan. If it weren't for Maeda (who has the biggest role he's ever had) noticing some of the most unnoticeable things our good Kaiji would be fine. And so Muraoka leaps into the arms of Maeda (figuratively) just after he pretty much told him to die for being an idiot. Too bad (and too good for Kaiji), he doesn't remember tiles other than the ones in his first completed hand. 

So what do we have? A herp-derping Maeda, a paranoid crazed Muraoka, an intensely giddy Kazuya, and a very satisfied Kaiji. Just another day of Kaiji's life.

Well someone's seriously freaking out, and for once it's not Kaiji.

Looks like the tables have really turned, haven't they, Muraoka? He actually goes through the same thought processes that Kaiji went through in the last round. Except of course that he has more resources under his sleeve than Kaiji. Muraoka simply gets up and runs out of the room with Maeda. No he's not eloping, though that would be a killer plot twist, wouldn't it? He just wants to know whatever he can about Kaiji's hand. I can't get too into detail about what Maeda may or may not know, but the fans are free to speculate. I'm sure a couple of you will pick up on something.

And so Muraoka rather confidently deals the 9-sou. And of course Kaiji looks at it grimly. We know that Kaiji actually needs the 2- or 5- man to ron, and only the 2-man to win for real, but Muraoka doesn't know that. And boy is it fun to watch him squirm.

At this point, I'm not sure who will strangle Maeda first: Kaiji or Muraoka.

Uh-oh, Muraoka's getting closer to his salvation!! With only vague hints from Maeda, he managed to pin down Kaiji's possible wait! Which turns out to be exactly the wait Kaiji has! But maybe that's just Fukumoto teasing us. I mean there are a lot of other possible waits that Muraoka has to consider after all. But of course he doesn't thank Maeda for it. "He only thinks only in terms of negatives" it appears. But I suppose when 80 million is on the line being a pessimist isn't a bad idea. Which is ironic, because Kaiji is playing the optimist this time, hoping that Muraoka falls for his trap. Though I have to admit, Kaiji does have some solid logic behind his confidence.

But we'll see how far that logic takes him, hm?


  1. awesome as always :)

  2. Replies
    1. That's eleven more triple releases

    2. I know the idea seems crazy, but you can do single releases. We won't mind.

  3. I like how the narrator admits that Muraoka is a terrifying man.

  4. Thank you once again fkmtkrazy people!
    i honestly love how you guys work so hard for us and make us readers feel gratified.
    What you guys do can honestly be said to be very generous and loving.
    Honestly. Thank you so much!

  5. Damn, considering the amount of remaining chapters it's pretty hard to know if this will end here. If it doesn't Kaiji wouldn't have any advantage for the next round, but if it does it would have a lot of time for something different.

  6. omg wow so amazing
    thanks guys

  7. So much zawa in that ecard, we literally recreated Kaiji's all-in bet as Slave.

    And yet ANOTHER 3x release? That is awesome. Thanks guys.

  8. Another Triple! I am reading through these chapters like a breeze, so it is very convenient to have these triple releases every few days, instead of a single release every other day or so! Thank you so much!

    And I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to Sonickrazy for arranging the whole No-Mahjong-Mahjong day and making the games so comfortable and smooth for all of us! Thanks for all the work!!

  9. Kickass!! Another triple release, loving it!!

    Will you also be translating the ongoing "series 4" after these final 33 chapters, or will you take a break and continue on Akagi instead?

    1. Since there are actually two "teams" in FKMTkrazy, one for Kaiji and one for Akagi, we will scanlate both simultaneously, but since both teams won't be working on one project like for DKaiji currently, releases will be slower for the individual projects.

      Check the group members page to find out who's working on what.

  10. Wow! Volume 11 already! I'm hoping this isn't the final round (another 33 chapters of this would kill me) so I can't wait to see Muraoka and Kaiji play an actual 1 on 1 game with no outside help or at least see Kaiji's real trick to winning this game!

  11. pff.. kaiji will never have the power of akagi.
    Washizu in the place of the prez' would have killed him long time ago.

    1. Maybe, but at least the gamble would actually end at some point!

  12. Trooollll! Troll in the dungeon!
    Anyway, thanks for another awesome release! Kaiji is seriously my favorite manga right now =)

  13. Counting up all the releases from this month alone, you guys have conquered 20 combined chapters across 4 mangas.

    I know of nearly no fansubs that can crank out such numbers. Even with the pool you have to work with. You'll be done with D Kaiji easily by Christmas.