Thursday, September 20, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 93 & 94 & 95

Hoo boy, I don't wanna start spoiling you guys but look at this new Triple Release!! Yes, another Triple Release! Of course, this time it's thanks to our non-Kaiji typesetter Kazuhiko that this was able to come to fruition! I also do I have to mention that because of college and random illness (being in a lecture while sick SUCKS), releases might be...erratic. That's why we brought Kazuhiko on board! He'll be doing typesetting as well, to speed the process along even faster!

With that little message delivered, let us give thanks to the rest of the team! Js06 for his crystal-clear scripts, Biggums for his mad-yet-beautiful cleaning, and Sonickrazy for his lightning-strike proofreading. And of course, to Kazuhiko for his carefully consistent work on Chapter 95!

Note from Sonickrazy: ABSOLUTELY NO MAHJONG Day will be on Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST). It will go until everyone has had enough, which has been after two hours in the past, but I have no idea how many people to expect, this time! It will be on, and don't worry about showing up late; we'll get you in on the next game of whatever we're playing at the time if you're at all late.

Let the insanity begin.

Uh oh. No more free discards for Muraoka! He's finally beginning to play the real game of Minefield Mahjong, and he's certainly feeling the pressure as well. He immediately goes for tiles that he has more than one of, his reasoning being that they give him two discards for the chance of one! Sound familiar? Well, Kaiji certainly had to deal with all that headache, but Muraoka simply goes ahead with it, with only the fear of giving Kaiji a safe tile, much less worrying about him winning. He discards the 1-sou, to the delight of Kaiji, who gets a free discard! But wait, Muraoka has two, so Kaiji has to once again try to out-think Muraoka. But before he does, Maeda speaks up? He has a suspicion...that something doesn't feel right. 

What could it be, hm?

It would absolutely TERRIFY me to gamble against Kaiji. 

Well, Kaiji played a rather dangerous tile there, the 8-man. Only one step from the fatal 9-man Muraoka needs. And this gets Muraoka's hopes hopes up quite a bit. He could win! It is a possibility! And so Muraoka rushes ahead, ignoring Maeda's pleas. But before he plays the 2-man...Maeda speaks! Well, he shouts actually. And the words he says give credit to some of our savvy readers and commenters. Why would Kaiji simply throw his hand away, even if it had no chance of winning for a new random one? No, the Kaiji I know is smarter than that, more cunning than that! Put up a neutral expression, and what do you know...Kaiji is in tenpai...for a completely unknown wait.

And since we don't see this from Kaiji's point of view now, you can bet we're in for a lot of Muraoka-panics.

Who is he? Obviously the God of Gambling.

Well! Looks like our little guess turned out to be completely true! Kaiji indeed has another tenpai, but how did he get it? Well our suddenly-a-observant-genius friend Maeda will show you the process! Step one, make two tenpais while making it look like you only have one. Step two: break up your hand. Step three: yell and distract the people around you while you set up your new hand. Step four: profit. And now you have another hand ready! And waiting on the 2-man coincidentally. Damn Kaiji, you scary.

And quite the ingenious little plan it is. But what can poor, little, Muraoka do about it?


    Love Kaiji for keeping a calm head, which is more than I can say for maybe 99% of the readers?
    As always, thank you for your great work =) I'm afraid you've already spoiled us!

  2. CRAP I really hope this doesnt end here because if it does, that means we would more than likely have a bad ending for kaiji in datanroku..
    Maeda is pretty smart... I can't believe he saw all that

  3. Hah, i fucking called it, that Kaiji switched tiles with his first hand!

  4. It'd be completely ridiculous if the bet went to 160 million.

    So the bet is obviously going to 160 million.

  5. ...You guys aren't neglecting college, right? Don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining at all XP

  6. Awesome, made my day! Thanks dudes!! Keep 'em coming!

  7. Another triple release? Oh man.
    It feels weird to see Kaiji on advantage. But yeah, the game is totally going for 160 million.

  8. thanks for the fast releases! Much love <3

  9. This is the only sort of "new" media that I keep up with. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work!

  10. Another triple?! You are spoiling us, guys! Thanks