Monday, September 3, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 83 & 84

Oh what's this? A double release? For Kaiji? No way! Yes way in fact. Very yes way.  Kaiji's got a plan up his sleeve and by Jove I will find out what it is, even if it's three volumes from now.

Thanks to js06 for his excellent translations, Biggums for his Photoshop magic cleans, and Sonickrazy for his speedy proofreading. And so, we move onto the chapters.

Muraoka knows how to keep his people in line.

Well, it turns out old Miyoshi never ever thought about revolting against Muraoka. In fact, he even wanted to help him out! Muraoka doesn't want to hear that though, so he spends a couple of precious pages freaking out and talking about how it's a battlefield. I wanted to see another battlefield metaphor drawn, because Fukumoto's battlefields look amazing, but I suppose Muraoka losing his marbles for a while is cool too. It takes the "young master" himself to calm Muraoka down and tell him that Miyoshi is just trying to help! As it turns out, and as several of our savvy readers noticed, Muraoka's altered hand doesn't have enough han for Mangan! 

At which point, Muraoka turns back around and gives Miyoshi a good punch, in thanks for his keen eyes. Well, just desserts I suppose. But I'd rather have Kaiji give both Miyoshi and Maeda a good punch or two (or seventeen). Muraoka acts fast, replacing his 4-man with a 1-man, securing his San Shoku, and then lays back, pleased and relieved with his absolutely canny and clever conception of a plan.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Kaiji chuckles to himself while fondling his mahjong tiles. Find out what he's planning in the next chapter!

Admit it, you wish you had teeth as awesome as Muraoka.

So Kaiji returns from the bathroom. And Muraoka says that if anyone reveals what he has done, he wants them to commit suicide on the spot. And so Kaiji sits down, and looks over at Muraoka, who looks like a crazed felon at this point. Kaiji then proceeds to discard a tile, with Muraoka sweating so much in anticipation of his victory it looks like a medical condition. But will Kaiji for fall Muraoka's trick? Has he finally made his fatal mistake?

No. Of course not. Kaiji's not that dumb. His suspicion and foresight are at an all-time high! Muraoka wasn't careful enough in putting everything back exactly how they were before, and so Kaiji became wary. And seeing Muraoka's over-eager and over-friendly expression gave Kaiji all the evidence he needed. Granted he did raise the risk by going to the bathroom, but seeing as how he passed that trial quite easily, it seems his plan is coming together well.



  1. Ah! thanks, I missed Muraoka : ) need to go and make wallpaper with his devilish grin..

  2. Yeeeeeeea FKMT with another great double release. I LOVE IT!

  3. I hope he won't tell us his plan, that way it'll actually work.
    But I don't know what's the point of going to the bathroom and risking on the last tile, he knew they're all cheating now. In his place, I'd walk on them right while playing with tiles and demand compensation for cheating which would be way easier with Hyoudou's son there.

  4. A Kaiji double release!? Madness!
    So, what the hell's his plan? I can only think of him marking those 5 tiles (that's the first thing i always think about, of course) but that's not enough for a 80% success rate. Maybe he expects Muraoka to believe that he hasn't noticed the betrayal and take that to his advantage somehow; after all, from Muraoka's POV it would be ridiculous to leave the room if he really was aware of it...
    The suspense is killing me!

  5. A double release??? SWEEEEEET!!!!

  6. Thank you so much! You guys are great!

  7. To the person who said he could have walking in on them fiddling the tiles:
    Muraoka waited for Kaiji to enter the bathroom and one can presume kept watch for his exit.

    As for what Kaiji will do next: He must say something/do something that makes it obvious that Kaiji does not suspect the guys he's dealing with but something else. That way, next match, he'll provide false information to Maeda. I don't think its marking tiles because anything Kaiji does to mark the tiles is going to leave evidence behind. I doubt he'd do something that dumb in such a hostile setting. He's going to have to convince Muraoka that he doesn't suspect after all somehow.

    -Sanshoku Dojun

  8. THANK YOU so much! i love double releases especially kaiji

  9. I think that Kaiji's decision to leave the room serves several purposes. It makes it look like he still trusts his friends. It also lets him safely play his 1 man, which further deepens the impression that he trusts Maeda's signals.

    I think he wants to maintain the ruse because he intends to use Maeda's signals against the President. My guess is that he is going to (somehow) alter the tiles he brought with him to the bathroom. Merely altering the tiles isn't good enough, because at the end of the game he'll have to return them to the pool for shuffling, but maybe he can use them to a create crude fake or maybe a paper label that he can trick Maeda with.

    Kaiji seemed to get his inspiration after spotting some sort of electronic device that was under a stack of books on the table. You can't really tell what it is, but if you look through the first few chapters, you can see it there too. My guess is that he isn't interested in its function so much as its appearance. The plastic shell seems to have the same color as the tiles and the "camera's" focus was on a rectangular panel on the device that looked to be roughly the same size and shape of a Mahjong tile. It would almost impossible to steal that panel in front of everyone, but maybe it gave him an idea for making fake tiles with stuff he could find in the bathroom.