Friday, September 28, 2012

DKaiji Chapters 101 & 102

Woo! Here's another double release for you guys! It's pretty prompt after our previous double release, no? Nothing much to say here, other than that these two chapters are both glorious in their own right.

But you guys can thank the crew here at FKMTkrazy for that! Js06 for his punctual scripts, Biggums for being a cleaning wizard, Kazuhiko for Chapter 102, and Sonizkrazy for his prompt proofreading.

One of THE best metaphors I've ever seen from Fukumoto.

Fukumoto really topped himself on this one. This six-page metaphor (or simile, depending on how you see it) on Kaiji and Muraoka's situation at the beginning of the 17th and final step in Minefield Mahjong was jaw-dropping. I swear, I would 400% guaranteed read any war manga that Fukumoto ever wrote, if he ever wrote one. If you think the gambling in Kaiji is intense, just imagine the suspense he could weave into a war story! Call me inane, but I can't help but gush over how beautiful this metaphor was. It made this chapter.

And in the rest of the chapter, Muraoka panics and thinks he's being mature by wanting to back out of the bet. If only Kazuya weren't there, he wishes...

Ever wonder how dumb people got into high positions of society?

Well, now we get a little bit of backstory for Muraoka! Yay for character development. I always did wonder how he got to where he is now. I always imagined it was through lots of manipulation and bribery, and I was right.  He was a rotten egg from the start, so there goes any hope that a horrible past caused him to become the way he is now. But it seems that even on the dark side, there are rules he must abide by, those of Teiai. There ain't no rest for the wicked, it seems. 

But suddenly, he has a revelation! It seems that Muraoka has seen a way to escape from his dilemma! Simply switch out the 8-man in his hand for the 4-man in his discards! A surefire way to survival! And then comes the crowning moment of awesomeness for this chapter, the appearance of voice of God. GOD. Props to Kazuhiko for the brilliantly chilling yet authoritative font he chose for God. The only better choice would be to have Morgan Freeman's voice reading it to us, but alas our budget does not allow it.

But even if Muraoka has a plan, and even if it seems like the will of God, how can he do it in front of the ever-attentive eyes of Kaiji?


  1. I'm loving these chapters and these blog posts to go along with it. Thanks guys.

  2. Do i imagine things or is that Akagi?

  3. Thank you again! the chapters are getting intense now as we see the end of DKaiji...
    Muraoka needs to get his money taken by Kaiji!

  4. Lol, Akagi playing in Muraoka's casino.
    Also, on page 6 of ch. 102 Fukumoto drew real persons, without the noses and all. That's really rare. I remember a few instances in Kurosawa and Zero (depicting real-existing people I think), but it looks kinda out of place in Kaiji :D

    And was that the longest metaphor yet? Very poignant.

    1. Pretty sure those realistic people were drawn by his assistants, like the backgrounds.

  5. Thanks again, for two more chapters of Methaphors-the-manga

    But to be honest, i don't think it was such a good one, he did better. Think about it, when you're in a war, especially the way it was shown in this chapter here, only one side advances, while the other usually remains stationary. However in this Mahyong match both parties advanced to the middle, and instead of getting cover, they are actually more open than before(since with each new discard the enemy can tell what you might have) and so on and so forth.

    But i agree, i would read a war manga from him, but only in his style, not from another artist.

  6. That war metaphor was first rate! And damn Muraoka, he's a sly one.
    Thanks for the DOUBLE DOUBLE Release, but following the flow i guess the next one will be a single single chapter release...

  7. Wooo~ saturdays are always better when you have new Fukumoto manga to read!!

  8. Do we have a mahjong night tonight?

  9. Thank you. I have no idea about mahjong (and am too lazy to learn it even though you've made it very easy) but I just love Kaiji. I've marathoned through 70 chapters today. Superb stuff.

  10. That backstory? That right there is why I love Muraoka. He knows how to play the game of life, it's no wonder he's gone far.

  11. Ah guys, you've spoiled me! I keep checking every five hours to see you've released new chapters then wonder why you lazy bums haven't updated yet =D
    Joking aside, as always, thank you for your awesome awesome work! I think you do this manga a great justice and your readers a great favor <3

  12. I have you guys on my priority twitter feed =D
    I get an alert whenever a new chapter is released, loving the speedy releases, thanks a lot!!!