Monday, September 10, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 88

I heard you guys like Kaiji, so I thought I'd finish the next chapter extra fast just to get it to guys more quickly. It's not like I was procrastinating on college papers or anything. I just love you guys.

And of course, thanks to those who did the all the heavy lifting before it got to me. Js06 for his scripts, Biggums for his cleans, and Sonickrazy for his proofreading.

Kaiji's smirk gave me chills.

Oh. My. Ultimate being. Now that's something I didn't expect. The readers and commenters were right. There is no way Kaiji's "Plan A" would work. It's just way to simple. And of course, Muraoka doesn't have any Ton to deal in for the first place. But Muraoka doesn't know that. He's kind of in a state of extreme happiness and has as much of an attention span as an ant.

But completely break the hand he made up? Throw away the 3-way wait and the hidden Ton wait? Is this something he had planned beforehand? Was it something random? Well it had better been because his new hidden hand has to be in tenpai in order to work. It's just...I cannot wait to see Muraoka's reaction next chapter, and really, I know you guys can't either. In my opinion, this is the last game, since if Kaiji doesn't win, Muraoka will. And I don't know...Kaiji doesn't always win...



  1. Best part of the chapter for me was having Kaiji say "get your ass out here, you betraying piece of shit" to Maeda. The shock Maeda must be feeling right now, oh my god.

  2. This is the moment. I've been waiting for this for so long. Show your stuff Kaiji! And thank you for the release. I, too, am procrastinating at college right now.

  3. Thank you all so much for your hard work. I know a lot of people (including myself) genuinely appreciate this. Keep up the great work!

  4. Insane pace of releases! Thanks, you guys are the best!

  5. I thought he might try this, but I didn't see his discards arranged in a meaningful way, so I figured he wouldn't do it. Great chapter, and thanks for the translation.

  6. Yeeeeees! I have been waiting for this! I didn't think Kaiji would make his move so early. No complaints here! Haahaa!

    So now Muraoka's hand is structured around Kaiji's discards. Kaiji knows this. He'd make his hand around an obvious numerable amount of discards kaiji has. Being his Man tiles. Now if Kaiji saw that with the mass of Man tiles in his hand, he incorperated them into his new hand, that would effectively shut out the president's wait.

    Many things could happen here. All we can do is wait patiently to see.

    Well, at the speed FKMT releases, we won't have to be patient at all! Haha!

  7. Did no expect my fix to be out so soon : D

  8. "get your ass out here, you betraying piece of shit"
    I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS! COUNTER-BACK KAIJI AND WIN THOSE CHEATERS. I can't wait for miyoshi and maeda's reaction for this so much.
    oh my gosh thank you so much for this absolute wonderful chapter.
    i love you guys so much!

  9. Oh wow, I wasn't expecting that. I thought that Kaiji would milk it for longer. All the same, it felt great to see Kaiji finally confront his betrayers. Can't wait for the bitch slapping that will happen next issue.

    I'd say that with the release of so much dramatic tension, that this would be the last match, but you guys said that there are 44 more chapters left in this arc (!!!!!). I'm not sure that even FKMT can stretch out 17 moves across 44 chapters (and honestly, I'll be slightly pissed if he does, come on that is serious page padding). My money is on this match ending in a draw and the arc culminating in an epic 180 million yen contest. We still don't know the nature of the revelation that Kaiji had earlier, and I don't think that this surprise switch is Kaiji's final trick.

    1. considering the fact that we see that the president has quite some cash left in his safe, i think its almost sure that this will go for another round.

      On another note i can't thank you guy's enough for the fast releases. I have no idea how people managed the original serialisation without going insane XD

  10. i knew kaiji would not go with plan A , but messing up his hand seems insane to me , i mean he may not get a tenpai or get a bad hand.

    anyway , thanks for the chapter ,and keep the release rate this krazy.

    After the developments of c88, I really hope the next chapters are made a priority because I'm chomping at the bit now and I'd imagine everyone else is too.
    I normally prefer Akagi, but this takes priority right here and now :P

  12. You can't begin to imagine how thankful I am for these fast releases =)

  13. No more cheating for the president I guess. I think Kaiji prepared alternative wait, or rather alternative hand with that many tiles and messed it up thinking Maeda won't remember what kind of tiles were there. Good thing he'll finally call them out. Thanks for the release guys

    "The gamble continues in the next volume!"

  15. There are not any spoilers in my comment since I havent looked up anything beyond what is translated for this part but there is a lot of speculation and shit. So dont read it I guess on the far off chance that it is what Kaiji did + his explanation for his actions and you would feel like it was spoiled. But yeah, this is pure speculation and analysis.

    I was looking over this chapter and 87 and 86 trying to figure out what Kaiji's hand could be, and came up with something. Though it seems like it may be unlikely since he mentioned that he was missing two tiles that he needed.

    Anyway, first things first, Kaiji only laid down 11 of his discard tiles, which means that he kept two tiles from his original hand and incorporated them into this new hand. These two tiles I figure are most likely pinzu tiles.

    Kaiji's discard tiles are as follows 5679p 1233344689m 124678s. So he used 11 of these 20 and 2 from his current hand.

    Far earlier in dkaiji, Moraoka mentions that richi tanyo pinfu one dora is a very common hand and Im pretty sure thats what kaiji is going for here. At the least.

    567p 23334m 678s. These are the 11 tiles that he is using from his discards I believe.

    Now, onto the two that he has kept from his original hand. The tiles that he kept were the 56p tiles, which

    This is his best bet. What better way to have someone deal into your hand than? Moraoko would never see it coming. He was most likely so shocked by Kaiji's actions that he didn't even noticed he only switched 11 tiles. To him, the 147p tiles should now be the safest tiles.

    He should also think there is no danger in discarding those tiles, since if Kaiji had these tiles in his discard, the 567p run, why did he not include them in his hand instead of the wind tile that wasn't his own seat wind, since that would have given ii pei kou on top of everything else. All he would need in that case would be 1 dora if won off of a 7p.

    So once again, if I had to guess I would say his new hand is 55667p 23334m 678s for at least richi tanyo pinfu 1 dora.

    Also, as someone said earlier, this probably isn't the last game. I dont think it will end up as a draw, but something will happen causing Moraoka to participate in one more huge gamble. Maybe Kazuya forces him to or something I dont know.

    I do think this game should go rather fast though, Moraoka has a 7p and should be thinking it is a safe tile now, and Kaiji has a load of tiles that he knows are safe. At least 12. The 11 from his original hand, plus the ton. So really he should only have to make 5 well thought out discards, and even then he will have 12 steps of Moraoka's discards to match and use to read his wait. Though I doubt Moraoka will be able to even walk a few steps.

    1. Make that 11 discards for Kaiji I forgot that he cant deal the 4p otherwise he would be in furiten

  16. Like others have said, this can't be the last match. Kaiji has an overwhelming advantage this round. Watching him roflstomp the president would be too anti-climatic, although quite satisfying. Kaiji has always been about the protagonist being on the edge of defeat until the very last move.

    1. I'd guess that this match is going to be like the second to last match of E-Card. The match that would be the sure thing. Then the next match will be like the final game of E card, no cheating, just a battle of wits. Or Kaiji might have another trick up his sleeve. However It goes down I hope we see it from Moraoka's perspective like how we saw the final E-card games from Tonegawa's seat. It makes Kaiji seem more formidable, like he is the one in control instead of the bad guy.

  17. kaiji just absolutely kills it!!! everytime something terrible is bound to happen kaiji rarely comes out on top but we're rooting for him.. "get ur ass out here maeda" another kaiji classic love wot he's done in this match so far cant wait to c wot happens next!!1