Thursday, September 6, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 85

And right after a double release of Kaiji we have another chapter for you guys! This one marks the beginning of Kaiji's counterattack! Whatever that means.

Thanks as usual to those who helped make this chapter a possibility for you all. Js06 for the translation, Biggums for the cleaning, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

Muroaka would make a great judge (aka gavel-smasher)

Oooh! OooOooohHHhH! The counter-attack? Kaiji's finally going to counter-attack?! Finally, I get to see Kaiji fool, trick, and manipulate his enemies until they are blubbering and rolling around on the ground in the fetal position! He's our glorious protagonist and hero after all. Meanwhile, Muraoka's still in shock over Kaiji's 1-man. Did Kaiji not know all along? Was Muraoka over thinking it? Or is Kaiji just another step ahead? Well, Muraoka concludes that if Kaiji pulls Maeda out for the next game, then he's onto them. But f not, then he's still in the dark.

But surely Kaiji will pull Maeda out, right? I mean, he said it himself last time: not pulling Maeda out would be stupid! It would only be lowering his chances! However, Muraoka starts the tenpai-creation period, and Kaiji doesn't act at all? What kind of plan is this Kaiji? One that seems to do more harm than help? Surely there must be some trick up his sleeve that he has yet to reveal right? Or is this simply another one of his gambles on the path to his ultimate plan?


  1. I check this site like once every 30 minute just for DKaiji release hehe.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful release, It's amazing how generous you guys are. I can't wait til the next chapter!
    Anonymous DKaiji reader.

    1. Thanks, it really means a lot to see people appreciating our work. We do it to spread the joy of these glorious manga!

    2. Sonic already knows how appreciative I am, but I'll also thank the rest of you. Thank you guys!

    3. You guys do not disappoint. These are great!

  2. I found Kaiji when it was being released in the second season. After watching the first episode of Kaiji I was instantly in love with the style and story. I watched the entire season of kaiji in one sitting from start to finish. I was awestruck at how great it was. Then the second season which i had to wait for the episodes to come out, which was amazingly awesome.

    After that I toiled, shoudl I read the manga, yes? no? Eventually I couldn't stay away anymore and I dove into it. But to my utter shock, there weren't many manga chapters, and no one was subbing them. I was just heart broken.

    Then you guys appeared. Like a shining knight to banish the darkness. I just wanted to tell you all, that I am so, so appreciative that you can bring these great works of art to us readers who can't understand japanese. It really, really, really, means a lot to all of us.

  3. I think I was wrong after all....Kinda looks like Kaiji was rushing it there. Probably some Ganpai after all?

    And, as always, thanks for the new chappie


  4. yep,yep!yep! I'm gonna join the others and thank you guys for Fukumoto stuff!! brilliant job as always

  5. Thanks a lot again!!

  6. +1 on checking every 30 min lol

  7. This made my day! I really wish Kaiji would just tell us what his plan is but we all know what happens when he does that!

  8. Another great chapter =) I love when I see new Kaiji releases. It really makes my day!
    Thank you so much <3

  9. Greetings from Germany!
    I'd like to just thank you for your great work. Every chapter you release is a litte highlight for me, so I really hope you keep it up.