Sunday, September 16, 2012


So, since I want to get to know some fans of Kaiji that don't show up to normal Mahjong Days because they don't know mahjong (I'm sure there's some, at the very least), I'm thinking of doing a day where absolutely no mahjong is played whatsoever, and instead we play some other FKMT-inspired games or just do some board games like checkers or something. But I do have some ideas for FKMT games, which I will describe below.

(These games are all compatible with , which is where we will be hosting them)


But wait, you say, you can't do E-Card! If you just have people say what they want to play, that would let them cheat by entering in their card after seeing what the other person played! Ah, but that's where you're wrong. It is easily fixed simply by adding a "Dealer" to whom the card choices are messaged, and by letting him reveal them and keep score and the like. I'm sure I don't have to detail how the game itself works with real cards, so let me go through the steps that the game will go through.

  1. People who wish to play are decided, and split into two groups by the dealer, who also sets up an order for the people in each team. The teams should not be more than 5 people each, or else the game will go on too long.
  2. A representative from each team will privately message the dealer with either Rock, Paper, or Scissors to decide which side is Emperor first. The winner gets to decide who goes first.
  1. Each team has a "bank" that the players can bet from, consisting of 10 Million Yen. The minimum bet will be 10,000 Yen. Winning on the Emperor side gives you twice what you bet, whereas winning on the Slave side returns 5x what you bet.
  2. When the two competitors are both present, they will both publicly announce the amount that they want to bet on the match. If the two amounts differ, the average of the two amounts will be what is actually bet, in order to keep the game zero-sum.
  3. Losing will lose you 5x what was bet on the Emperor side, just as winning on the Slave side would. Losing on the Slave side, however, only loses you 1x what was bet.
  4. You can go into debt (below 0 yen) to bet, but it will be compounded by 10% every 15 minutes.
  1. Once the bet has been decided, both players will privately message the dealer with what they want to play. The Emperor side can only play Citizen or Emperor, and the Slave side can only play Slave or Citizen.
  2. The Dealer will reveal the cards once he has both. Citizen beats Slave, Slave beats Emperor, Emperor beats Citizen, two citizens is a draw. In case of a draw, the two citizens will be removed from the players remaining "hands" and there will be another round. If there is a win, the payout will be decided as specified in the Betting session.
  3. Each duel will last for two rounds, one turn as Slave and one as Emperor. After these two turns, the next two competitors in line will be up, and so on until all the players from each team have played. The side with the most money at the end will win.


This one I'm a bit ehh about, because it's not like you can actually see the dice. But all the dealer would do would be to roll some dice, irl or on, and relay the results. Everything else would be similar to how it is in the Anime. There's no way of proving the dice roll, so some people might find that the dealer has too much power to control the game, so it would be an experiment, to be sure.

Quarter Jump

I have played this with friends online before, it's really quite fun. However, it is also very specific on how many people there need to be; there has to be 1 Jumper, 4 Persuaders, and a Dealer. Basically, the Jumper's goal is to guess the correct side out of 4 based on the information that the other players give him. Meanwhile, the Persuaders' goal is to get the Jumper to pick their side, regardless of whether their side is safe or not. Here's the procedure:

  1. People who wish to play are decided. The dealer then selects one of them to be the Jumper, and 4 of them to be the Persuaders.
  2. The dealer then randomly picks one of the Persuaders and privately messages them that they have the safe side.
  1. The Dealer will signal the start of the game, at which point the Jumper has full control of the proceedings. The Persuaders may only speak when the Jumper requests them to, as otherwise everyone would be speaking at once and it would be hard to process the information.
  2. Once the Jumper feels satisfied that he has heard enough from the Persuaders, he will privately message the Dealer with his choice of side to jump to. He can announce his decision publicly, but it will not be official until he has privately messaged the dealer.
  3. The Dealer will then announce the official results. If the jumper chooses the correct side, he wins! Whether or not he does, the person who he jumped to will become the jumper in his place, and the 4 Persuaders will be shuffled about and the process will start again.
Besides these, there are a few more gambles that could potentially work, but I don't think they'd be as good for a mass grouping like the one we'd be having. So, what do you think. Should we have an ABSOLUTELY NO MAHJONG ALLOWED Day, and if so, what should we play? One of these games, or something else? Other options would be the Chess app that xat has worked in, or a Yahoo game, though that would require everyone to have Yahoo accounts. Or we could just have a normal mahjong day, whatever. Tell me what you think.

(I'd put a poll up for this, but I can't for some reason. ;_; )


  1. How would quarter jump work? I don't see how anyone could have extra information that would help the jumper choose a side. How would the person who is on a safe side be able to differentiate himself from the other persuaders?

    1. He wouldn't, it's pure interrogation. It would work a lot better if the players knew each other from before hand, so maybe we shouldn't start with that game.

    2. maybe there should be a game board which will be sent as a jpeg image to all but the jumper. the dealer is (the verifier) and will make it so no one can lie they may only say truths like "there is a platform you can land on to your left" however there might be spikes on it, this way the person with the most 'spin' can win. the biggest limitation i see is that the board would have to be very specific to each side and make them equally as dangerous/safe looking? In this way people will have to be good persuaders. maybe?

  2. Awww! But we won't have awesome devices that will drill into the loser's eye/ear if they lose for E-Card!
    Seriously though E-Card sounds fun! I'll definitely try to join this time around XD

  3. I would have joined in for Mahjong Day long ago if I knew where you guys were hosting it. It wasn't until that one blog-post that you guys said where you were holding it. Of course, I've less experience than everyone else, but I at least know how to play. (I guess it's obvious, but we're playing Riichi Mahjong, right?)

    Of course, that's also my fault for not asking earlier. I'll show up for whatever you guys are playing (well, I'll try to show up).

  4. Wow, I almost didn't see this because you didn't tweet about it.
    I'm always up for some of FKMT's amazing games.
    Did you know that you can play E-card, Chinchirorin, the Bog and Minefield mahjong against others on Unfortunately, you have to pay to play. I once had a guest acc and managed to play a few matches before it run out.

  5. Where's "Nines" from Ten?
    I played it once with my dad and once against a friend using cards and it was a great time-killer. It's also one of the few games that doesn't need any kind of bets and/or roleplaying which are essential in all the other ones that have been suggested on this page (like all the psychological warfare that goes on in E-Card or Quarter Jump or the betting systems in Chinchirorin and E-Card).

    1. Ah, but you might notice that this is ABSOLUTELY NO MAHJONG day, not NO REGULAR MAHJONG day. Nine isn't really mahjong, but it uses mahjong tiles, and is also from a very mahjong-centered manga, so I want to stick with stuff that people who don't go to the Akagi/Ten side of FKMT will be familiar with.

  6. I'd love to participate in a no mahjong allowed day, all of those games sound very fun!

  7. Someone should make a Kaiji app! Like E-Card and chinchironin on your iPhone/iPad.