Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rude 39 Chapter 4

And not too long after Hero, the latest installment of Rude 39 is up and ready for consumption! In this chapter, Katagiri and Satomi run into a bit of trouble with a Police Detective, and need to get him off their backs in the only way they know how: Pachinko!

Thanks to Skutieos for the quick cleaning, Biggums for putting up with the loads of redrawing I had him do, and to Kazuhiko for promptly getting his job done when I asked him to! Mahjong day is going to be at 22:00 GMT permanently from now on, so mark that in your calendars.

"Even my worst luck is still pretty strong."

I have quite a few notes on this chapter, a few of which I added into the chapter itself, though it was so long you may not have been able to see it properly. But before that, I think the best part of this chapter was how adorable Satomi was while describing the machine and reacting to the puppet losing the game for her. Aww. Katagiri was pretty cool in this chapter, but I think he was kind of a jerk to leave Satomi alone in the pachinko parlor. But he got a bit of comeuppance for this because a certain police detective (who is never named) listened to their conversation and tried to use his authority to extort some money from Katagiri to keep his mouth shut about Satomi being underage to gamble.

That's all I have to say about the story itself, it was pretty cool. But I'd like to take a bit of time to explain a few things about the translation. The first is the title of the chapter "The Old Man's Jackpot". The title comes from the name of the machine they're using to gamble in this chapter, but the name of the machine is a pun that I could not for the life of me translate into english properly. The actual name of the machine is "Pachinko Taisho", and "Taisho" uses the Kanji for "Jackpot". But that in itself is a pretty bland and unoriginal name, which is where the pun comes in. "Taisho", when the kanji " 大将” is used, means "Boss" or "Chief", which used in a casual tone turns into something similar to "Old Chap". When the name "Pachinko Taisho" is said aloud in context of there being an old-man-looking puppet at the focus of the machine, this double meaning is quite obvious.

The second is quite simply what I had in the margins of the chapter, which I will repeat here so that you don't need to strain your eyes to read that small text:

"An 'airplane' is a method that some pachinko machines use, so called because it includes 'wings' that open and close when the trigger holes are activated to let balls into the main section. When balls make it through while these wings are open, they fall onto a horizontal 'tray' that dumps the balls at random intervals into a pit. After the balls have been dumped from the Tray, they enter a large hole separated into 3 parts by walls. The center of these parts is a small, closed-off slit. If a ball makes it into that section, the machine enters 'payout mode' and the prize increases for every ball that goes into the win zone before that mode ends."

Had to do a bit of research for that one. Anyway, Akagi should be up next from our side, and Peng should be back soon with a pent-up mass of DKaiji ready to release for you. Look forward to it.


  1. Enjoyable chapter. Though I wondered why Katagiri felt the need to punch the detective in the end. I mean he is still a cop, right? Couldn't Katagiri have gotten in trouble for that?

    1. Yeah, I wondered about that, too. But I guess if he reported it to his superiors, he'd have to explain that he was being a dirty cop and exploiting people for money... though he could've just lied, then, I suppose. I felt like this chapter was kinda lacking all around, the best part as I said was Satomi being cute while playing Pachinko. XP

  2. Another great translation, thanks guys. Gotta love Fukumoto surrealist art in the first page!