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DKaiji Chapters 70-78

Sup FKMTkrazy readers. It’s Biggums! If you don’t know who I am, you haven’t been reading the credits page closely enough. This is my first bloggy thing. I offered to help with blogging because I really wanted to talk about Chapter 77, and then they were like, “Oh so you want to blog eh? Oh you'll blog all right, you'll blog all nine of these chapters at once!" *evil laughter*

But yeah, we’ve got some real good stuff for you today. Our typesetter Pengy is finally back from his month long vacation in China, and with him he has brought us nine spectacular chapters of DKaiji! All translated by Jolly ol Js06, proofread by the splendid Sonickrazy, typeset by powerhouse Pengy and cleaned by yours truly.

Chapter 70 “Exception”
All right, so DKaiji 70! We get a few pages from Muraoka’s perspective, nothing too mindblowing, just our villain calling Kaiji a twit and egging him on to play the 1 man. Muraoka is totally in my top 3 FKMT villain list, it’s mostly because of his hilarious mannerisms and saying things like “Kaiji, my boy!” 

My favorite part of this chapter is when Kaiji works up the courage to ask Kazuya for more money and then berates himself for adding “–san” to his name. It’s pretty cute, not gonna lie. We actually held off on releasing this chapter for like a month because we decided the cliffhanger at the end would be too severe. Not getting to know what Kazuya means by “cutting someone up” for a whole month would have been pretty brutal.

Chapter 71 “Treatment”
Wow, this is it. The chapter we’ve all been waiting for. The big reveal. Sonickrazy sums it up pretty well with this quote "So Kazuya is Hyoudo's son. Also, Rosebud was his Sled. And Aeris dies at the end of FFVII." At last we learn what Kazuya’s deal is, although to be honest, I’ve known for quite some time. It’s a pretty hard spoiler to avoid. It’s on the goshdarned Kaiji Wikipedia page. Kudos to the readers who got here without knowing who Kazuya’s dad was.

I liked Kaiji’s “WAUGH!” When he drops the roulette wheel, as if the wheel itself is about to slice him apart. I’m so glad that we put in the little note that tells the reader the word “genitals” is covered up by the speech bubble. According to the chart, genitals are worth 5 million yen to Kazuya, which Google tells me is equivalent to $63, 590 US dollars. What do you think, dear readers, is that a reasonable price for Kaiji’s private parts? Send us your votes!

Chapter 72 “Pressure”
In this chapter we have Kaiji coming to terms with just how insane and evil Kazuya is. Hard to really say if Kazuya is friend or foe right now, I mean, I used to always picture this arc as two teams competing against each other. The evil team M which has all the characters whose names start with M working together, Miyoshi, Maeda, and Muraoka versus team K, the good team, Kaiji and Kazuya. 

I used to think Kazuya was doing Kaiji a big favor by loaning him all that cash, but maybe he only did so for the sinister purpose of strapping Kaiji down and amputating body parts one by one? Hmmm, Kazuya’s motives are a mystery to me. 

I love the 2 page spread with Kazuya and his old man laughing and drooling and sweating together with those crazy distorted features and their silly Hyodo family potato nose. I’ve always likened Kazuya to Baby Bowser/Bowser Jr.  and Kazutaka to Bowser himself. I don’t know, I just feel Kazuya has some of that Baby Bowser/Bowser Jr. spunky personality. It’s a comparison I can’t help but make.

Chapter 73 “Tenacity”
Ah yes, this chapter. I found this one to be pretty boring, honestly. Like, it’s a chapter I’m really glad we were able to release with a bunch of other chapters, because reading just this one on its own would have been rather disappointing. It’s just Kaiji flashing back to his old glory days and telling us that you can’t come back from death. It just doesn't do much for me because there's basically no new material. This is like the clip show episode of a sitcom.

Chapter 74 “Closed In”
All right more mahjong action! Kaiji’s got some darn good instincts, let me tell you. I would have dealt Muraoka’s ronpai (winning tile) long ago.  I also like how Kazuya goes back to the minefield metaphor, which I don’t think we see nearly enough, this is minefield mahjong after all. I don’t have much to say about the plot of these next chapters. : /

Chapter 75 “Scales”
Muraoka is hilarious in this one. It’s like, Kaiji takes all this time to analyze and plan and figuring out the safest tile to discard, and then Muraoka mercilessly throws the 7 sou right back at Kaiji so immediatly, sending him right back to the drawing board, with even less options. Good stuff.

Chapter 76 “Instinct”
I thought it was really interesting when Kaiji says “If this were normal mahjong” and we see him playing Mahjong with 3 other guys. Well, two of em look like guys. The third could be a girl, we don’t know. I want to name all three of them and come up with their life story and how they became friends with Kaiji. Like the guy on the top looks like a Francis to me. Bottom left is like a Steve or a Mitchel. Why doesn’t Kaiji ever hang out with them anymore? Did they die? Did Kaiji do something to offend them? Did he steal their car ornaments?

I also love it when Kaiji wins “the race” and has his hands above his head. Why would I talk about the actual chapter when I could talk about little images in the chapter that I enjoyed?

Chapter 77 “Suspicion”
I loved this chapter. The page where it’s just Muraoka’s lifeless, unenthused face is quite powerful, seeing it for the first time. Those lips are freaking massive, or like, just the bottom lip is. The top lip might be considered normal in FKMT land, but his bottom lip is just so ridiculously chunky. Truly, a frightening visage indeed.

This chapter is great because it represents a big turning point for Muraoka, and DKaiji in general because it is pretty much the first time we see Muraoka actually not have something go his way. Sure he’s lost some small matches here and there, and he got legitimately panicked when Kaiji said he was going to leave, but for the most part his grand scheme to ensnare that foxy Kaiji has been going off without a hitch. For the first time here in Chapter 77 do we see Muraoka actually show a true emotion of distaste and uneasiness and hoo boy is it ugly.

I love Muraoka as a villain. I think he’s awesome. I want more chapters like this where a lot of it is from  Muraoka’s perspective. Those are usually some of my favorite Kaiji moments, when they get inside the villain’s head and show us their devious thought process.

Chapter 78 “Vague”
Riding off from Chapter 77, it’s another great chapter from Muraoka’s villainous perspective, well, at least most of the chapter is from his perspective. I love the line “HIS EXPRESSION IS JUST TOO DUMB TO READ!!” The gun powder metaphor is also laugh out loud.

Now, let’s do some math on this, Chapter 44 started this minefield mahjong round,  way back in volume 5. Remember that? Feels like ages ago with Kaiji crawling around on the floor looking for the tiles to his suu ankou tenpai. That very same match is still going strong in chapter 78. That's 34+ chapters of one game of 17 step. Will it finally come to an end next chapter? Stay tuned, dear reader. 



  2. I guess nothing sparks Kaiji like a roulette wheel. And man, that's an awesome face that Muraoka makes.

    Wonderful stuff. Fukumoto and you guys rock!


  3. Oh man, amazing chapters and great commentary! Thanks Biggums :>

    I love Muraoka too, and the chapters from his perspective are DELICIOUS. You're right on point re: chapter 77 and how much of a turning point it is. Once Muraoka figures out that Kaiji's found out, he'll also be fighting a much different battle--I think it's incredibly rare that Muraoka lets his prey go once they've figured out the trick of the game, but knowing Kazuya, he'd pressure the Prez into playing even more with Kaiji, on a more even field. Really intense.

    1. That should be, I think it's rare that Muraoka keeps his prey around once they figure out the trick--probably if they ever catch on, Muraoka suddenly has someplace important to be in the morning.

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