Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 82

After that terrible cliffhanger last chapter, here's the next chapter of DKaiji! Let me tell you, I was just as eager to get my hands on this as you guys were.

Thanks to js06 for the script, Biggums for his way-ahead-of-schedule cleans, and Sonickrazy for his proofreading. And this time, I also want to give a special thanks to all the people who left such encouraging comments last chapter! It might not seem like a lot, but those comments really keep us going!

Thus signals the return of maniacal Muraoka.

Well? What was the ingenious plan that Kaiji had cooked up last chapter? Well unfortunately for us, Fukumoto has decided not to show us the intricacies of Kaiji's master plot just yet. All we get for now, is hints to what it is. It is a shortcut to victory, for sure, but not as sure as 100% Best case scenario, it apparently has an 80% success rate. But it also raises the risk of Kaiji's last tile discard! Just when we thought he had a break, Kaiji decides to gamble a sure safe tile for his future plans. By deciding to go to the bathroom.

This part had me gnawing on my figurative fingernails for a while. Why would he risk it? But I suppose he must have something planned. Contrary to what Muraoka is saying while in his euphoria-induced Ecstasy, I do not believe Kaiji is an idiot. But it does give Muraoka the chance to change his wait to the used-to-be-safe 8-pin! But will Kaiji see through that deception? Is Kaiji so over his head with planning his next move that he forgot to take care of his current one? But wait! With a timid "U...Um...!" that would leave damsels-in-distress far behind on the meekness scale, Miyoshi leaps into the scene!

"That's no good!" he protests! "You can't do that!" But to no avail, as of yet. However, Muraoka is feeling the pressure! He turns around shocked. Miyoshi couldn't possibly be...betraying him could he? Is Miyoshi's sense of morals going to override his common sense?!



  2. I'm sure Miyoshi is just going to warn him about some logical reason why he can't cheat in the way he's trying to right now. I really look forward to these Kaiji releases so I hope you all find a way to keep them coming!

  3. Anyone can see that riichi houtei dora 1 isn't a mangan, which means the president couldn't win with that exact hand shape. As for Kaiji, I guess the magnificient bastard is going to walk out of the bathroom and smash an 1man onto the table.

  4. His plan is to make Muraoka think he still doesn't understand the situation.

  5. I'm guessing Kaiji is going to do some ganpai now. Seems the only reason he would bring the tiles with him.

    And as Anonymous said, it's not mangan. (Though I didn't see that at first! I thought it was that Muraoka would be in furiten.)

  6. As has been stated, he's done this to make Muraoka think Kaiji doesn't know what's going on. Kaiji knew that Muraoka knew that kaiji wouldn't deal the 1 man, because he would already have done it. Which means Muraoka would be forced to go into the next round for 80 million.

    Muraoka doesn't want that, so Kaiji thought of something. If cheated once to look at his tiles, he will cheat again to change his wait. This is what Kaiji meant by risking his final move, because he's going to play the 1 man next turn. As for why he is taking the tiles with him to the bathroom, it has to do with the next round.

    Either he's gonna mark or change the tiles somehow, or maybe leave those tiles in the bathroom, and get new tiles somehow from somewhere else, giving him an effective pool of tiles to draw from.

    But this is all speculation!

  7. Thanks so much! Can't wait for the next chapter, it's about time Kaiji started coming up with crazy plans again...

  8. I think Muraoka's hand is 3 han 40 fu for 5200, it falls short of Mangan (he would need 1 extra han or 30 extra fu).
    If he wants to change his wait to 8 pin he needs to change his 234man to 123man to get san shoku. If he doesn't have the 1 man in his possible discards he can always steal it from the dead wall, i guess that's what Kaiji expects.

  9. Just so you guys know, I really enjoy the commentary that you publish with each release. It’s very hard to find English discussion about FMKT’s work, and the few people that do talk about it are usually pretty clueless. So yes, please, continue to give us speculation and insight.

    1. Yeah, I feel the same.

    2. Thanks. It does feel good to talk about what I just read and know that there are people out there talking back.

  10. Miyoshi has morals? Hah....

    At any rate, Kaiji was staring at the computer when he had his Eureka moment, so I'm guessing he's somehow going to blame the computer. I'm almost certain that, and the fact that Kaiji will play the 1 man (since the prez will change the 1-man wait) will give him the greater chance at victory. He'll allow Maeda and Miyoshi to stay as well.


  11. thanks again for the wonderful release
    I hope you guys release a volume translated batch again ><
    lol either way you guys are wonderful for DKaiji uploads.

  12. Only just found out that you have continued scanlating where Project Bite Me scans left off. Thank you!!!! :-D