Monday, August 27, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 81

And another chapter of DKaiji is through the gates. This one may or may not be the turning point for Kaiji, depending on how well I can predict the future. Thanks to js06 for translating, Biggums for cleaning, and Sonickrazy for taking the time out of his busy college orientation schedule to proofread this so it can get to me, and then you guys, more quickly.

No matter how much Kaiji pulls his long rope it remains slack. Is this the "momentum" Kaiji lost?

Uh oh, Kaiji seems to have lost his grip on the rope leading to victory! And now the scale has tipped towards Muraoka! But luckily, he doesn't seem to have noticed it yet. I find this interesting as it kind of parallels the situation that went down in Akagi recently. Just like how Washizu gained back his luck, Muraoka is now gaining momentum back. And Kaiji, now knowing that a 50-50 shot is not enough for him to win, begins to think of a plan to raise his chances.

The biggest obvious crossroads is whether or not to leave Maeda in the back. Should he pull him out immediately and bet his very limbs and livelihoods on a match similar to a coin toss? Or should he leave Maeda be and try to bait Muraoka? But would Muraoka really fall for it anyways? Seeing as how suspicious he is already? And how Muraoka only trusts what he can see?

Well that brings us back to the message that Kaiji read in the bathroom. That causes Kaiji looks around the room and notice several objects. And from that, a plan sparks in Kaiji's mind. A brilliant plan that only Kaiji could think of. A plan so great that none of us could probably even imagine it. But what is it?

Only time (and our collected effort) will tell...


  1. Damn, what could it be this time? Back then when he deviced a plan to win again the pachinko machine I would have never imagined he was going to tilt the building. Well, thanks for the translation!

  2. That image with them on the see-saw was hilarious.

    I'm guessing Kaiji is going to try to set up some sort of reflection so he can see Maeda's tiles, but I'm not sure how he'd go about it.

  3. Thank you so much for the upload.. im so anxious for the next chapter! :D

  4. Ahhh come on i need more kaiji i've even had to find out wot happens by then end of this part i know but i wanna c it!! i hope u'll b following on with the kazuya arc/kaiji part 4.. MORE MORE MORE... PLEASE!!!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks again for the great work! I love you so much!! <33

  6. That cliffhanger... Don't you guys go on a hiatus on me now!
    I kid, great job as usual!

  7. So it's another one of Kaiji's ingenious plans... can't wait to find out what FKMT-sensei has in store for us this time.

  8. He said that the president only trusts what he sees. I suspect that Kaiji intends to alter one of his tiles so that Meada will be sending wrong information. Like, if he somehow affixed a paper label onto one of his tiles that made it look like something it isn't. When it's time to play, he would just peel it off. Since you normally can't see a tile until it's played anyway, the President would have no legitimate complaint.