Friday, August 24, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 80

I'm back again, this time from Canada. Hopefully you didn't miss me (*cough* DKaiji) too much. But anyways, a combination of my road trip and getting a new computer led to this rather belated release. But it's OK, because DKaiji is here once again.

As always, thanks to those who helped out on this chapter. Js06 for his fast translations, Biggums for his insane cleaning speed, and Sonickrazy, who lives up to his name by proofreading the scripts as fast as a certain hedgehog.

Note from Sonickrazy: Mahjong Day is tomorrow at 22:00 GMT on . Dunno if I can show up, but that said I'll probably find time somehow.

Kaiji frowns so much his smile is actually just a straight line.

It's uh-oh time for Muraoka. Kaiji's Hatsu last chapter sent a creeping cold down Muraoka's spine. As expected, he starts freaking out, with Fukumoto artistically applying his signature wiggly art to emphasize the freakishness of the situation. Muraoka's second-to-worst fear is that Kaiji doesn't play the 1-man, which due to Kaiji's "sense of smell", comes to fruition. His worst fear is that Kaiji finds out about the triple-teaming deception they have going on against him...which of course we know Kaiji knows. It's nice to see Muraoka freak out seriously for once, as opposed to poor Kaiji.

Muraoka matches Kaiji's Hatsu, but Kaiji hits right back with a Chun, confirming Muraoka's fears. At this point, it seems great for Kaiji; he pretty much escaped, right? Well, as happy as I was for Kaiji at that point, I realized the same thing he did, which is that a "fair" 50/50 game is not advantageous to Kaiji at all. It simply isn't disadvantageous. But the worst is yet to come! Kaiji feels something slipping away! A ghastly fog around him is deteriorating, breaking apart! What could it be? Momentum. A heavy factor in all of Fukumoto's works, but an especially important factor in gambling.

Momentum isn't quite like luck. As I see it, momentum is like "being on a roll". The "drive" or "willpower" of a person combined with their "skill" or "ability", with a bit of luck (but not always necessary), can lead to seemingly impossible actions. Akagi has momentum mastered. But Kaiji has to earn his momentum. His "drive" to survive combined with his abnormal analytic "ability" allowed him to fight his way through the 17 steps, giving him momentum. But if that momentum disappears, how can he win a 50/50 match? Sure, Kaiji freaking out over a 50/50 game seems a bit immature of him, seeing as how he denounced Muraoka for keeping an advantage. But would you really want to bet 80 million on a coin toss?


  1. I like how those lines were drawn around Kaiji like some sort of supernatural force.

  2. >momentum

    Nope. Sonna Occult Arimasen, no matter what you say.