Saturday, August 11, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 79

Hey folks, it's Peng again. I'm sure all of you enjoyed that 9-chapter dump of DKaiji that we released upon you just several days ago. But I don't think that cliffhanger at the end of the volume was that popular. And so here's another chapter of DKaiji, just to relieve you from that awful cliffhanger. Thanks to js06 for the prompt script and Biggums for the amazing cleans and of course to our eagle-eyed proofreader Sonickrazy!

Special thanks to Biggums for taking it upon himself to blog ALL of the rest of the last volume. Sonic was right: jet-lag is not conducive to writing. Plus, reports of my manipulation have been greatly exaggerated ("Oh so you want to blog eh? Oh you'll blog all right, you'll blog all nine of these chapters at once!" *evil laughter*). I never said that to begin with. Because I don't speak over IM. I type. Besides, Biggums was simply bursting with enthusiasm when given the chance to blog. Who am I to deny his eagerness?

The top panel is my favorite drawing of Kaiji in this chapter because he has wolf teeth.

In this chapter, Kaiji goes from almost playing right into Muraoka's hands (in every sense of that phrase) to totally figuring everything out. The narrator claims that Kaiji sensed a "foul stench" coming from Muraoka, but I think it was Muraoka's excessive sweating that caused that. Thankfully, this "stench" allows Kaiji to carefully consider what the hell he's actually doing. Sure the 2-man seems safe statistically, but since when did Fukumoto's Mahjong Gambling Instinct-Flow-Guts-Courage-Spark-WallHax-Intuition-Luck manga have to do with statistics? Well it sometimes does, but in situations like these you can bet that trusting numbers will send you to an early grave.

I find it interesting how Kaiji's reasoning for the 2-man that Muraoka played earlier on had a completely different meaning than it did in this chapter. Back then, me, you, Kaiji, and Kaiji's Guardian Angel were ecstatically relieved (excitedly relaxed?) when Muraoka dealt that tile. It was a two-turn breather for Kaiji! A flash of light in a pitch-black cave! It was the best possible thing that could happen to Kaiji at the point short of Muraoka, Kazuya, and every black suit in the room suddenly having heart attacks due to unexplained reasons. 

But this time, it gives Kaiji a clue to Muraoka's trap! All along, Muraoka was leading Kaiji down Rainbow Road a path towards death! And at the end of the Stairway to Heaven were the Grim Reaper twins! Luckily, Muraoka's own impatience betrayed him. And so, Kaiji, finally finding his way, switches from the deadly 1-man and instead throws down the green dragon (deals the Hatsu), leaving his opponent blubbering.

Your move, Muraoka.

(Note from Sonickrazy: Peng will be taking another leave of absence for 9 days, during which time there will be no new DKaiji releases. Stay tuned.)


  1. Superb chapter. And spoiler on the volume back cover ( ̄□ ̄;)

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    thanks for translation

  3. Just wanted to say thanks and good work on the translation I enjoyed all of it :)

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    I freaking love you guys for this group.

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    Can't tell you how much I appreciate your work!

  6. Thanks for translating. So far this is one of my favorite gambles in Kaiji. The game itself is nothing spectacular but the stuff that's going on and the tension is... just awesome. The fact that Kaiji's actually learned something from his previous gambles is great.