Saturday, August 18, 2012

Akagi Chapters 150 & 151

Hey, another double release to finish off the volume. Why not. Nah, I could've released 150 yesterday and 151 today, but I had been driving all day and I didn't feel up to blogging. But things are heating up in Akagi! How will Washizu's hand progress, and will he get his Yakuman?!

Thanks to Crump for the way-too-fast cleans, and to Kazu for being so fast at typesetting that I couldn't keep up with him. Mahjong Day went well today, but it needs more people still. It will be at the same time next week, Saturday at 22:00 GMT. This is the end of the volume, and I have no more of it translated at the moment, but I'll try and get some more chapters out while I have time in the hotel.

"Take a look! You pitiful, lesser demon!!"

So, there were two major things that happened in this chapter: Akagi played the 1-pin, a tile that Washizu could call on to give him a quick Haneman, and Washizu drew the Chun, giving him tenpai for a Hon Rou Tou, Chii Toitsu hand. The first one shows how desperate a situation Akagi is in; if he had a good hand as well, he would never pick apart his hand to further Washizu's hand. Hell, if Washizu called there, he could still get a Dealer Haneman Tsumo rather than having Suzuki deal in, which would be 6000 points from Akagi, or 600 ccs, definitely enough to kill him. True, the only remaining out he could have would be the last Haku, but with Washizu's luck the way it is now, that 1-pin was a tremendously dangerous first tile to play. Though that could be part of Akagi's plan as well, to be playing dangerous tiles to make it look like he has a good hand.

As for Washizu's draw of the Chun, this is of course a disaster for Akagi, giving Washizu all the tools he needs to get into Tsuu Ii Sou Tenpai, thanks to Suzuki's Xia and Haku. Can't wait to see what he'll decide to do now... oh wait, I don't have to!

"Quit your worrying! You're being stupid!"

So, Akagi is now in 100% bluff mode. The lack of dotted borders on page 228 and 229 means that Akagi's hand is exactly what Washizu's presumed it to be; worthless. Sure, he can chi on a 3-man and pon on a 2-man to get him two steps closer, but after that, he has nothing at all to work with. This is much less than could be said of his hand in the other round that Washizu had a potential Yakuman, the East 2nd round of the 3rd Hanchan. Washizu's hand was big, but Akagi and Yasuoka both had hands that supported one another, allowing them to get a clean getaway. However, there is no such symmetry in their hands in this round; if Akagi is going to make a getaway, it can only come from Yasuoka and getting Washizu to fold via his bluff, which looks impossible at the moment. Could Akagi really be in over his head, now...?

And of course, Washizu's hand takes yet another step closer to a Tsuu Ii Sou hand with his draw of Hatsu. Of course, a Dealer Baiman is more than enough to take away all 500 ccs that Akagi has left if he can tsumo, but if he can't tsumo and needs to have Suzuki deal in, it wouldn't be enough to give him the unshakeable lead that a Yakuman would give him. Though, all three Hatsus are still left in the draw pile (unless Yasuoka has the opaque one), so the odds of getting a Baiman Tsumo here are relatively high. Will Washizu chase after the Dealer Yakuman, or will he stand his ground and hope to draw the Hatsu for a Dealer Baiman? Find out in Volume 18 of Akagi!!


  1. You make my vacation that much better.

  2. He will ignore Yasuoka, Washizu won't stop unless he draws it himelf.

  3. The imagery in these chapters is so strong, and you guys do a great job of translating it. Thanks so much.

  4. Ditto! And I don't think for a second that Washizu will settle for a Chii Toi.

    No new chapters this week? No sweat: There are new Zero hapters coming out over at Hox ^__^

  5. Thanks :D Great as always!
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