Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Akagi Chapters 144 & 145

Hey, a double release, just like old times! Akagi's a lot faster to translate than Hero, for sure, but then there's less content per page. So yeah, I suppose we should just get right into it. In these chapters, the East 2nd and East 3rd Rounds!

Thanks to Biggums for the speedy cleans, and to Kazuhiko for the even speedier typesetting. Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT.

"He felt a sort of maliciousness... A bad omen that the road ahead would be fraught with peril!"

Hmm, another round down in only a single chapter? Man, that only leaves 6 rounds for the remaining 9 volumes and 7 chapters. But yeah, I suppose this round was pretty similar to the East 1st in that Akagi couldn't stop Washizu from getting farther than him, faster, so he had to take an easy way out. Akagi's hand was looking pretty solid until it looked like it could turn into a Suu Ankou, where he had to speed up through calls and take a cheap win from Yasuoka. But even still, Washizu does not know just how favored he is... this is Akagi's only advantage!

"Washizu had tremendously good fortune! Truly the luck of an Emperor!"

All right, looks like we're getting to the main parts of the hanchan now, considering that this round wasn't finished off in only this chapter. Washizu makes it to Tenpai and decides not to Riichi in hope of a San Ankou Mangan hand, but after a few turns of wasted draws, it still does not emerge. And perhaps feeling like he is not needed, Suzuki fails to look at Akagi's hand to see the 7-9 sou incomplete sequence, and plays the 8-sou, exactly what Akagi needs to get his road out of this desperate spot! But with that awful starting hand and those awful draws, what could he have in mind...?!

Oh, and I forgot to mention last chapter that I kinda-sorta stole a bit of fanart from カトキチ (Katokichi) of Pixiv.net for the credits page. I just saw it and thought it was absolutely perfect, so I kinda-sorta took it and put text over it. But really, check out Katokichi's art, it's fantastic!


  1. ahh bless your heart <3

  2. Wait wait I don't understand.
    We're already 3/8 through the Hanchan leaving ~5 hands and still nearly 10 volumes to go?


    1. this is just the East round, bab. So there's East 4 to go, then North (4 hands), West (4 hands) and South (4 hands) to go!

      as an aside, currently the serialisation is on South 3, i believe and has been for like a year now arrghhg

    2. No, Anon 1 was right, we're on the 3rd of 8 rounds (East Set has 4 rounds, South Set has 4). Washizu is currently the dealer, though, so this East 3rd Round could go on for a few more Honba, or extended rounds. Same goes for the South 1st and South 3rd Rounds, assuming that Yasuoka and Suzuki don't win on their dealer turns.

  3. Has Akagi been on hiatus or has it just been released very slow for a long time? (meaning the authors releases not the translations :p you are very fast)