Friday, August 31, 2012

Akagi Chapter 158

Heh, it's been a while since we last released a single Akagi chapter, hasn't it? Well, this chapter is quite a beefy one, so I suppose it's all right. In this chapter, Washizu's underlings try and talk him out of his ludicrous decision!

Thanks to Crump for the excellent cleaning job, and to Kazuhiko for his typesetting magic. And a special thanks to all of FKMTkrazy for making this month of August our most productive one since January, maybe even more productive if you count Mahjongkrazy's releases!

And speaking of Mahjong, Mahjong Night is tomorrow at 22:00 GMT. I may not be there, but who's to stop everyone else from showing up to try and outdo Washizu's Dealer Double Yakuman Tenpai?

"It's 96 THOUSAND points, sir!! Not 96 Hundred, 96 THOUSAND!!!!"

Damn, you know Washizu is being bat-shit insane when not even Suzuki, Washizu's yes-man who didn't say a word when he aimed for his Dora 12 Yakuman Tsumo, can stop himself from expressing his astonishment. Washizu is absolutely 100% convinced that he will draw the Pei if he can draw just one more time, and I must say, it is true that he has yet to draw a tile other than an Honor through this whole round. Washizu is a very heavy believer in divine forces, and it certainly does seem as though he is correct in his beliefs, so it only seems logical from his perspective that he will draw the Pei. And if Akagi is indeed bluffing (which he is), and Yasuoka is indeed 2 tiles away from Tenpai (which he is), there would be nothing to stop him from getting another draw, even in the worst-case scenario that Yoshioka (The underling who we hear from the most) presented. So in the end, it all comes down to Washizu's belief in his ability to draw the Pei; if he believes that the Gods will continue to support him, he has nothing to worry about by passing on Suzuki's Pei. But if he feels even 1% uncertain, even an inkling of doubt that he might not draw the Pei on his next turn, the game could most certainly take a turn for the worst.

Oh, and I love how Washizu and his Underlings aren't at all worried about Akagi and Yasuoka hearing what they say. Mahjong is usually such a quiet game, but this round and a few of the ones before it have been about Washizu and Yoshioka shouting at each other. That perhaps goes even further to show the difference in Washizu's playing style compared to Akagi's; Washizu is up-front about everything he does, whereas Akagi keeps even the tiniest detail a secret if he possibly can.


  1. oh my god you guys are TEARING thru this volume

  2. Great thanks so much guys!!

  3. Oh man, Washizu's mad. Thanks guys!

  4. Akagi not calling that chun is such a big play on his part. I wonder if he foresaw the underlings actually stepping up this much to oppose Washizu's decision. After all, if washizu loses, they are out of a job.

    1. Well, it's not like the guards are wrong. Yasuoka could easily win within the next turn, and Washizu still has to Tsumo, even though he claims he has godly luck, he failed to Tsumo at critical moments in the past. And Akagi pulling that Chun tells me Washizu is losing flow.

      So it's not like that double yakuman would be a bad decision for Washizu.

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  6. Do you think you'll do the Washizu manga after you get done/caught up with some of your other projects?

  7. yes do the washizu manga please ^^
    I don't know if he is really that good but what I read had the real washizu in it. That was pretty funny.
    (but yeah maybe in term that is not the same as hero i understand your choice..)

  8. Washizu is lower priority than HERO, imo. Hero was written in collaboration with Fukumoto, while Washizu is an entirely original creation, though it does fit in to certain parts of the Akagi manga... so I just feel like we should focus on what FKMT actually did before moving on to things merely based on his work.

  9. So THAT'S what FKMT stands for, Fukumoto!

  10. In the words of a certain overused Internet meme, "It's over 90,000!"

  11. Thank you so much for all the Akagi releases!! I love this manga so much!!