Thursday, August 30, 2012

Akagi Chapter 156 & 157

And we're back with two more heart-pounding chapters of Akagi!! You. Do. Not. Want. To. Miss. These. I've said it for every release in Volume 18, and I mean it every time.

Thanks to Biggums for getting the cleans out lickety-split, and to Kazuhiko for his excellent font choices. Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT, to which I may not be showing up.

"Akagi now had the first chance in a long time to see a flash of light!"

So, Akagi drew the Chun, and used his first turn in quite some time to further his chances as best he could. He enhanced his bluff by calling Pon on Yasuoka's 2-man, and then playing the 9-Man. Clearly he has given up on completing a hand and is now focusing on appearances only, making it look like he hit Tenpai. It truly does feel like he's desperate, doing whatever he can even though he knows it's clear what he's actually doing.

So, it's back to Washizu, who is now a bit ticked that the Heavens gave the final Chun to Akagi. He demands that the heavens choose a side instead of going back and forth, and just when he is feeling as though he has missed his only chance to get a Yakuman...

"The one that God has chosen is me!! Only me!!!"

...the Heavens show that they were on Washizu's side the whole time. Akagi's draw of chun is completely nullified, because it gave Washizu the chance to DOUBLE his hand's value to a DOUBLE YAKUMAN, Tsuu Ii Sou and Shou Suu Shii!! 96,000 Points!! Washizu gloats that he is God's chosen one, and that he will take every last drop of blood from poor Akagi's body, causing him to die in horrifying agony. To make matters worse, Suzuki can deal into his hand immediately! But right before he is about to do so... Washizu stops him, saying that he's going to draw it, so there's no need for Suzuki to play it. WHAAAAAA

Okay, clearly Washizu is taking a huge risk by not winning off Suzuki's Pei. But considering that he is convinced (and right) that Akagi's hand is a bluff, he probably can afford one more go-around. But of course, there's always a chance that Yasuoka could advance his hand in the next draw, and he and Akagi could work it out so Yasuoka can win then and there, like they did in the Third Session. But Washizu thinks the heavens are on his side, and will give him the Pei so that he can kill off the demon that is Akagi Shigeru even if he can survive with any amount of blood left in his body. Of course, Akagi is a normal human, so the thought of having every drop of blood drained from your body is horrifying to be certain. A Double Yakuman Dealer Tsumo would be 32,000 from Everyone, so Akagi would lose 3200 ccs. 5200 ccs total, more than he has in his entire body, even with the 500 cc extra. Nightmare fuel incarnate. So will Washizu give Akagi and Yasuoka another turn, or will he decide to actually win off Suzuki's Pei now? Find out next time!


  1. oh my god never stop <333333333333333333

  2. So do I remember wrong or was this situation exactly what happened near the end of the anime series? Him passing on good winning hands to hit an even greater one. Then Akagi told him that the mistake he made was not giving up / settling for a lesser hand, there was something about a sign that his luck was turning that Washizu should have recognized and abided by.

    So has he received such a sign here? Imo Akagis draw of the Chun might be it. Then again right after that he drew another ideal tile so... Don't really like seeing him lose this way(again) though but I suppose it is reasonable given the image Akagi is giving off right now(can't be killed unless he receives a huge blow).

    Most impressive thing about Washizu so far is how he recovered after missing that huge hand earlier (1-pin headbump), most people would be soulcrushed for weeks. Love Washizus progression so far and looking forward to seeing more. Just loving the chapters where he is having just soooo much fun :p

    I have to confess I've never even properly learned mahjong, think I'll have to do that and reread/rewatch the entire thing soon.

    1. If you haven't learned mahjong, it's easy. Play a couple rounds of this ( to get a feel for the rules, and then join us on mahjong day! It's not going to be as epic as Akagi, but it definitely is fun!

  3. 96,000 points hand? ... dear god

  4. Washizu just doesn't have his priorities straight... a 5 times smaller tsumo would be enough to kill Akagi, there's no need to spend this hand on that. This hand has grown to the heavens, but its ability to kill akagi immediately has stayed the same. He should use it for its most effective purpose, which is getting a gargantuan lead.

  5. Akagi should call that Chun, then maybe they could juggle calls with Yasuoka and make one of them win. It's probably impossible now so Akagi bet on not calling to make Washizu wait.

  6. But if Akagi called it, he would confirm to Washizu that his hand is a bluff.

    As expected, Washizu draws the Pei. I really think he should just have Suzuki deal in here. Akagi drawing the chun the turn before shows how quick the tide can turn. And how could Akagi possibly fight against a Double Yakuman point lead!?

    For anyone who's interested: Here's a video of a live Tsuu Ii Sou Shou Suu Shi: