Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Akagi Chapter 154 & 155

Just can't keep us away from Akagi! Yep, two new chapters, and I know I say this for every release at this point, but you don't want to miss these! We're on a roll now, even though I'm still getting into the swing of the college thing. Expect lots of DKaiji soon, as well.

Thanks to Crump Biggums for the superb cleans and to Kazuhiko for the very nice typesetting. Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST)

"This is where he could be killed, after all...!"

So, Washizu has it made. It's been decided that Suzuki will give him the Pon he needs and then deal in to his Tsuu Ii Sou. This would be 48,000 points, certainly a lead that nobody, not even Akagi Shigeru could hope to overturn. And thinking that his Washizu-Sama will be doing just that, Suzuki plays the Haku without a second thought. And that's where it happens. Washizu does not call Ron, he instead calls Pon! The people at the table take a minute to make sure they heard him right, as he takes Suzuki's tile and plays his transparent Chun for a furiten single-tile wait on the last remaining Chun!! What kind of madness is this?! Isn't a Yakuman hand enough?! What is the purpose in overlooking a yakuman win?! And then, it is all clear. Washizu is not looking to outrank Akagi. He is looking for what he has been looking for since the very beginning of the 5th Session: Tsumo. Only Tsumo. Nothing short of Tsumo.

Now, this certainly might seem a bit insane when you step back and think about it. After all, he gave up a Chii Toitsu hand with 3 outs left, and a Baiman hand at that, right? So in comparison, this hand is only 1/3 as likely, because Akagi has a Chun, and Washizu had 2, so there is only 1 chun remaining in the draw pile. If he was aiming for Tsumo, a Baiman would be plenty, wouldn't it? 8000 from everyone will kill Akagi just as easily as this Yakuman, worth 16,000 from everyone! But that is just how deep Washizu is into the game; he no longer sees Akagi as human. A human would die at 2000 ccs, and yet, there Akagi is, still right as rain, after 2000 ccs have been extracted from his body. Somewhere in Washizu's mind, he must think that 2800 ccs will not be enough. 3600, on the other hand, is nearly twice the lethal limit. Surely Akagi can't live through that. In washizu's mind, that should be just enough to ensure that even the demon that sits before him is killed.

Logical? No. Insane? Probably. But even though it's not a choice that any of us would probably ever make... it is no less capable of killing Akagi.

"With this draw of the Chun... Akagi had found a light to help him survive!!"

And all the more awesome that Akagi thwarts Washizu's plan in the very next chapter, with one of the best continuations to a metaphor I've seen since HERO. Washizu is the sun, drying up the landscape, and in his mind, he relates Akagi to one of the pitiful dying insects that have collapsed to the ground. But what I saw in the above page was Akagi breaking into Washizu's metaphor, his vision of total suppression, his very MIND, and proving that he is not only very much alive, but that he was not at all affected by Washizu's heat energy, because he was able to bury his way underground. Or you could just take the easy way out and say that it's Akagi rising from the dead, whatever you want.

But either way, Akagi draws the Chun, something that Washizu could not have even fathomed. Sure, he might not have gotten it on his first try, but surely since there was only one chun left, it would go to Washizu since he had all the momentum, right? Wrong. Akagi finds one tiny boost of momentum to get him out of this dangerous situation. But only for the moment. The path ahead is still full of traps. Washizu is able to wait on any tile he draws now, even if it is not an honor tile, and Akagi's hand is still nowhere near Hon Itsu. Yasuoka's hand was pretty close last we saw it, but even if he gets into Tenpai, he'll still have to wait for Akagi's turn again, in which time Washizu could change his wait and tsumo. Stay tuned.


  1. Happy Washizu is downright creepy.

  2. Awesome chapters, thanks!

    Altough i just dont get Washizu's move. I think he is just scared of Akagi. The "easy way" of winning he was talking about after he would call ron, i think he would be just too scared of loosing with such a massive lead in points and of falling into Akagi's mind traps.

  3. i will say this to the ends of the earth BLESS YOUR HEART AND SOUL

  4. While Washizu's move looks insane at first sight, it is understandable from his point of view. After all of Akagi's miraculous death escapes, Washizu wants to kill Akagi right now while he has the heat.

    Though I wonder what would happen if Washizu drew a Pei for his Tanki. Suzuki has a transparent Pei and could easily deal into Washizu's Shou Suu Shi Tsuu Ii Sou DABURU YAKUMAN. Wonder if he would let 96.000 points slip by.

  5. Why won't Washizu signal his ally to stop with Haku for now and wait for tsumoing Haku/Chun? Unless one other haku is laid out it's better, and if it is it's the same anyway. And he keeps haku in Suzuki's hand for backup if he decides to screw it and tsumo when Akagi/Yasuoka get close to tenpai or something. Damn bastard didn't learn from his ii pin.

  6. Omg,thanks! thanks for the steady stream of releases!! just can't get enough of Fukumoto!