Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Akagi Chapter 146

Now, completely upstaged by the release of DKaiji, have some Akagi. We completed this one yesterday, but figured we'd give you some time to get over volume 8 of Kaiji before we went on. In this chapter... Akagi bluffs!

Thanks to Biggums for the cleans and for blogging about ALL OF VOLUME 8 of Dkaiji (seriously, I didn't intend for him to do it all, I thought Peng was gonna do some, but I guess jetlag accounted for that). Thanks to Kazuhiko for the quick typesetting. Mahjong Day is this Saturday at 22:00 GMT.

"He had no choice but to assume the worst!"

Bluffing is totally in Akagi's nature; he may not have the best luck compared to Washizu, but he sure knows how to get inside the opponent's head. Bluffing is pretty easy to do in Washizu Mahjong as long as you have a lot of opaque tiles, but making the bluff believable isn't very easy at all. He had to make his discards and calls look like they were going towards a Hon Itsu hand while keeping a lot of Opaque tiles in his hand. Even then it's hard to believe that someone could form the majority of their hand with primarily opaque tiles, but there's no doubt that it is possible.

But I think one of the interesting things about this chapter is that it kind of goes hand-in-hand with Chapter 77 and 78 of DKaiji; Muraoka and Washizu both realized something that was stated to be their opponent's only advantage; Akagi's only advantage was that Washizu didn't know how good his luck was, but Washizu is now figuring out just how good it is, similar to how Kaiji's only advantage was that Muraoka still didn't know he was onto the trap. Pretty nice if you ask me.

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  1. It's obv the standard in all gambling manga but I don't like the "flow" and "luck" element much.. still great chapters lately though. Checking this site twice a day or so now, love how fast you are :p