Saturday, July 28, 2012

HERO Chapter 6

For real, this time, I swear! Yeah, 11 days after Chapter 5, Kazu's charger finally gets back and his internet regains its ability to function, so there should be a few more chapters coming up here. I noticed that there's been quite a lot of votes in the poll, and I've been working on translating Akagi in the days since our last release because otherwise I would have nothing to do. So we're gonna be going back to Akagi after this, even though I'm sure that this chapter and the next one will leave you wanting much, much more of Hero.

Thanks to Crump for the prompt cleans, and to Kazuhiko for typesetting the chapter immediately after he got his charger back. Oh, and I'm going to start advertising Mahjong Night in every single blog post from now on... it will be at 22:00 GMT next saturday, because most if not all of the regular players outside the FKMTkrazy staff are from Europe, for some of whom 23:00 is at 1AM. Please make note of this.

Oh, and I couldn't help but put the best freaking double spread in the chapter as the blog pic, but it has spoilers, so please read the chapter before opening the blog post up.

"Interesting... This is what makes Mahjong so great!"

Oh. My. God. I don't care if it's totally out of place for a match with nothing but Hiro's pride on the line, having Hiro go full-on Super Saiyan 2 like this was the best thing ever. Seeing this scene in Fukumoto's style would have been great, to be sure, but everything about the way Maeda did this chapter was superb and made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

To say nothing of the metaphor carried on from the last chapter. Ten used the riichi stick to try and shove off the part of the cliff that Hiro was hanging onto, and when Hiro climbed up to try and get away from the death by falling, Ten's real aim would be lying in wait for him, prepared to slice off his head as he pulled himself up. Oh, and the voice in the blog post image that I had Kazu put in a different font than the other text? That's Akagi speaking. Not the memory of Akagi, not a line from a quote of Akagi, it has to be Akagi himself. Akagi is watching the battle and rooting Hiro on.

But of course, the only downside to this chapter is the abrupt ending. Ten is just all "g2g" and leaves without a trace. But I believe, without having read to the end of the manga (and, in fact, not being able to), that this battle will be continued at the end of the manga, and there will be something critical that Hiro couldn't see right now that, over the course of the manga, he will gather the ability to be able to comprehend. The best part is that there seems to be no other way it could be to the average player, so whatever it is that Hiro has overlooked, it will be something truly amazing.

But if I could speculate, I think that Hiro kind of jumped to conclusions when he assumed that Kishibe's draw was the dora, Haku. His instincts are usually spot-on, but if there's anything that he's missed, I would say it has to be that. But then again, only time will tell.


  1. That's so intense. You should really not continue with Akagi until you have at least finished this story arc (or is it finished with this chapter?).

    And thanks for adjourning Mahjong Night to 2200. I will be punctual ;)

    1. Yeah, Chapter 7 should be coming out pretty soon, and that's kinda the end of the arc, though it does kind of begin the next arc a bit. And the whole reason we're going back to Akagi is because I have a few chapters translated because of the time in between Chapter 5 and 6, even though I'm sure that everyone will want to see more Hero after Chapter 7. Just how it's gotta be.

      And sure, looking forward to seeing you there. :)

  2. My guess is:

    Ten drew the last Haku from the wall. He is waiting on the 9sou to complete a kokushi. The riichi is there just to make Hiro play in.

  3. Hero is awesome, and being interesting from the beginning is quite difficult. I really like Maeda's style: writing and artwork are similar to Fukumoto's but a bit wilder and with cool different effects.
    Good job, guys! I'll be there next Mahjong Day (...probably... i hope)

  4. Was always interested in 'Hero' but partially wrote it off as merely FKMT inspired. These chapters have been more amazing than I would have dared to hope for.

    It has the genuine feel of a classic FKMT work. I always considered the later Ten arcs to contain the best mahjong-heavy action of any FKMT title. I'm honestly shocked Hero stands up against it so well. Many thanks for taking it on.

    Oh and I'd put my money on the anon 2 above being right too...