Tuesday, July 17, 2012

HERO Chapter 5

And without delay, the 5th Chapter of Hero - Gyakkyou no Tohai is now up! In this chapter, metaphors are expanded, pons are made, and hope is lost and found, back and forth!

Thanks to Crump for the speedy cleaning, and to Kazuhiko for finishing the chapter in one sitting!

"When it's your time to die... I don't mind being the one to kill you!"

I love how this one little metaphor regarding the Chasm of Despair has been expanded to encompass this whole round. He has to leap over the chasm, and uses the winds of fate to guide him, and nearly falls in, but manages to have a flash of insight and find a place to grab on to, but the battle is not yet over! Truly, a battle against adversity.

Hiro's reads are pretty accurate most of the time, but I'm not too sure about his read that Kishibe drew the dora. It could have been any tile that seemed too dangerous to let out of his hand, though the Dora would most definitely fall into that category. But it does seem likely, so he shouldn't need to have doubts about whether there's 2 or 3 dora in play. The rotating tile suddenly sprang to life in the middle of the match, which may seem unbelievable, but I imagine it would be possible in real life, as well.

And of course, Ten's Riichi Stick being a knife. Absolutely awesome. Can't wait for next time.


  1. That was an awesome chapter. Hiro has definitely grown a lot stronger and more risky when it comes down to playing Mah Jong. I wonder what will happen now...

  2. Oh shit, it's stabbing time!

    Great chapter. :3

  3. (maybe a good manga ..but the survey talk by itself I think ^^, akagi ! akagi ! akagi !!)

  4. That damn knife, man.

  5. Oh right, are you playing Manhjong any soon? I would recommend playing with Tenhou instead of MahjongToday

    1. Every saturday at 23:00 GMT, and yes, we use Tenhou.