Wednesday, July 11, 2012

HERO Chapter 3

Hey, not too terribly long a wait, this time, right? Well, we're gonna be cranking out Hero Volume 1 pretty quickly over the next week or two, then the plan is to give you some time to vote on whether you want us to continue or switch back to Akagi once you've seen Volume 1 complete. I think you'll find Hero amazingly awesome and thrilling by the end of Volume 1, but I could be wrong.

Speaking of recent events, DKaiji is more than likely going to be stopped for about a month until Peng gets back from his yearly trip to China, where he probably won't be able to send anything or talk to us. But once he does get back, there should be an explosion of DKaiji since we gave him all the materials he needs to finish Volume 8 while he's there. Also, the third chapter of Death Pie was released the day after HERO Chapter 2, so it's been up for a while. Check it out on our Mahjongkrazy branch over there on the sidebar.

Thanks to Biggums for getting them cleans ready quickly (and it was no easy task, just read the chapter and you should get a feel for how much he has to clean every chapter), and to Kazuhiko for typesetting this beast.

"Ten vs. Hiroyuki! The battle of the Riichis!"
Okay, here it is. The chapter where it starts to cross over from "Nice little sequel that tries to be as good as Ten but kinda fails" to "Awesome manga that should not be overlooked by anyone who is a fan of FKMT". You can feel FKMT's writing breaking free in this chapter, and the plot thread of the spinning tile is finally explained. 

To start out with something tiny, I like how Kishibe and Araki aren't just throwaway sideline characters; Kishibe gets the lead in this chapter and causes a serious threat to Hiroyuki, preventing him from running away in first. They're not anywhere near the level of our two protagonists, but it's still nice to have them see the limelight pretty frequently.

Even though it's pretty luck-based that Ten and Hiroyuki's draws just so happen to line up with the rotating tile, games being luck-based is what it means to gamble, right? That in mind, the part with the little magnets inside the tiles is pretty accurate and does explain a lot about automatic tables and how they can stack so perfectly. I've seen videos where a player will put their draw on top of their hand to think, and the draw will seem to spin around of its own accord and reveal itself to their opponents, so it certainly does happen. But what's so cool is that the draw spins around while on the edge of the wall, and that there's a pattern to it. The draw doesn't spin around all the way, so it's not exactly like the top they described, but the white part in the center of the Haku, 4-pin, and 8-sou should make it pretty easy for the tile to slide away as it does. If it was just two tiles stacked on top of each other, it would certainly behave exactly as Ten describes.

But the real highlight of the chapter is, of course, Hiroyuki's Furiten Ippatsu Tsumo waiting on the spinning tile. Ten assumed that Hiro had observed his Haku and 4-pin wins and put it together that those two tiles were possibilities for the spinning tile, which is why he bet that Hiro would be waiting on the 4-pin and wouldn't need the 8-sou. But how did Hiro know that it wasn't the 4-pin in the wall, and that the last two 4-pin were in Ten's hand?! Find out in the next thrilling installment of Hero: The Battle Against Adversity!!


  1. Thank you for the exciting chapter!

  2. I feel like my mind has been blown. That was an impressive trick.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. I can't wait for Kaiji to explode... Oh, wait, what did i just wrote? You know what i mean guys. :D

    Thanks for you hard work, you are always making my days better.

  4. This is getting better and better, awesome job!

  5. Truly exciting chapter. Thanks for your work guys!

    What about the 4 Sou? It should behave the same way as 4p, Haku and 8s.

    See you on Mahjong Day ^__^

    1. I think the problem with the 4-sou is that it's not perfectly vertically symmetrical; as discussed in DKaiji, the souzu tiles definitely do have a top and bottom, the little "bamboos" being more rounded on the top and flat on the bottom. The only exception is the 8-sou, since the image is flipped over directly on the top and bottom. The 4-sou would lean slightly one way or the other due to that lack of symmetry. It's not enough of a lack of symmetry to consider it a tile that isn't vertically symmetrical, but certainly enough to cause a slight imbalance.

  6. Hero looks pretty good (in fact I voted for it), but if you guys have the raws of the last Akagi volume I think it would be nice to continue with it.
    Thanks again for the amazing job!

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    4. OK good to hear. I do want to play a game ^^