Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HERO Chapter 2

At long last, the second chapter of Hero - Gyakkyou no Tohai is upon us! In this chapter, our Hero gets into a bit of trouble with his opponent, and has to try and figure out what's letting him win! I suppose this might be a 4th of July release, but it's after midnight here already, so I suppose I just missed the chance?

Thanks to Deakachu and Biggums for the cleaning, as well as Kazuhiko for the typesetting! Since this is probably gonna be the only release on the Mahjong-oriented side until it happens, lemme remind you that Mahjong Day is this Saturday (July 7th) at 23:00 GMT. Be there or be... um... a spinning tile, I guess? I can't pull relations to the chapter out at the drop of a hat...

"I'm sure not Akagi... But every now and then... I hit it big!"

Well, this chapter certainly has some awesome stuff in it, not least of which Ten's particularly confident Ippatsu Ron and Tsumo. But the truly awesome stuff is still to come. I liked the metaphor in the above picture, particularly because of the circumstantial nature of it; the sun happened to be rising, and it made for a perfect rebirth metaphor as well. The hanchans seem to take an hour each, so logically there would be 24 Hanchans before the game is over, but the water and food breaks probably take up some time, as well, so it might only be 23 or so.

I loved the idea of Akagi standing in the room with Sawada and the gang, watching the game for his 3rd Kinichi as a wandering spirit... really reminds you that even though the art is different, this is still the same story and has the same connection between all the characters. Akagi is, like, my favorite character ever, so seeing his memory handled so respectfully is quite calming.

As for the tile-spinning, there's not a lot I can say without giving away the next chapter... but Ten's usage of it certainly is brilliant, if not a bit lucky that he happened to be drawing there. If there's one thing for sure, though, it's that Hiro is gonna need to figure out what the deal is with that if he's going to beat Ten... otherwise, Ten will have a slight advantage that he will use to the best of his ability. Look forward to next time!


  1. Thank you for the chapter. Something's definitely up with the tiles slipping.

    Also the Mahjong Warrior Ten page was pretty awesome.

    ... That sounds like it could be the title to a future Fukumoto series. "Mahjong Warrior [MC's name]".

  2. I'm really liking the mahjong action. I don't expect Hiroyuki to win because Ten is really on a different level. I expect him to be the secret hidden final boss.

  3. This is exactly what I expected, and I'm loving every page of it. Awesome scans, awesome cleans, awesome typesetting, awesome translation! Thanks guys!

  4. Absolutely great, can't wait till the next chapter is released. Keep up the awesome work

  5. I kinda miss Fukumoto's noses, but this artist is pretty good as well.
    Thanks a lot of the translation!