Tuesday, July 3, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 69

Woohoo!! The start of another volume of DKaiji! This is the 8th volume of the 13 volumes in this saga! Leaves you wondering how much more could happen, hm? Anyways, let's give thanks as always to those who allow us to appreciate all this wonderful work. Js06 for the translations, Biggums for the cleans, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

"I can make it through!"

After the heart-stopping cliffhanger in the last chapter, I too was wondering if Kaiji had messed up again. After all, it wouldn't be the first time he's lost in a "all-or-nothing" gamble. But that tragic tendency is what makes this manga great, no? Fortunately, it turns out to just be Muraoka screwing with Kaiji. Better yet, it s stroke of luck that Kaiji hasn't seen in a long while, Muraoka deals the 2-man! And of course, this is nothing but a blessing to Kaiji, who now has two free turns! I have to say, after seeing Kaiji smile for the first time in ages, it is both relieving and slightly creepy. I prefer his "thinking" face for some reason.

However, the "stroke of luck" that Kaiji gets is not so much luck as it is forced necessity. After all, as Kaiji notes, Muraoka does have to put up an act. However, I think it is more than that. And Kaiji agrees, even if Muraoka does have to cut Kaiji some slack now and then, dealing a tile that Kaiji gets two turns to match shows that Muraoka is slowing losing discard choices. In fact, Kaiji predicts that because of his 5-sided wait, Muraoka probably has three or four of his winning tiles! And as we see, his prediction is true! Kaiji has two tiles he absolutely cannot deal, along with a mystery tile, but Muraoka has four!

And it is at this point Kaiji becomes a bit too optimistic for my taste, and for his own health. I'm happy for him, I really am, but I'm quite confident that Muraoka knows what's up, and will not likely give him a break again. As much as Kaiji hopes that Muraoka will deal another safe deal for him to match, I think Muraoka is too greedy to let that happen. At any rate, Muraoka's disgusting "Khu-hu"-ing at the end of the chapter certainly does not bode Kaiji well. Additionally, now that Kaiji has used up his two free turns, what will he deal now?

Back to the drawing board for him.


  1. That spinner in the volume cover... looks like we'll be seeing something new in this volume. Have my hopes up. Thanks, as always.

  2. oh my god yes i'm so excited for this volume I'M SO EXCITED

    This is a really good chapter! I like the glimpses into Muraoka's head we're getting here, too.

  3. Honestly, a good chapter. We finally see what's behind Muraoka's creepy, greasy face and also, Kaiji finally scores a point on Muraoka! I mean his guess about Muraoka's discards being correct. In my view, a gambler must be optimistic by nature, he must question everything, but at the same time he cannot let his spirit be dragged down by doubts and try to find a positive view where he has a chance to win. Kaiji is doing just that. Muraoka still thinks Kaiji is fooled so that might be the reason for the laugh.

    I also liked the cover page....but it seems to indicate that poor Kaiji may be in need of even more money because why else is that guy involved?

    -Looking forward to what comes next, Anonymous

  4. Fast! You guys translate way too fast!
    This chapter was awesome as well, entering in Muraoka's mind. Just what kind of wait can that sly bastard have?

  5. Thank you for doing this!!!!!!!!

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love you guys so much for translating Datenroku kaiji