Sunday, July 1, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 68

The final chapter for this volume of DKaiji is here! And man is it a really intense chapter. Let us give thanks for js06 for giving us such great translations over this entire volume, Biggums for the amazing cleans he does, and of course Sonickrazy, for his thorough proofreading. Once again, Sonickrazy has also provided a Mahjong Notes page for those who may need it.

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"That is what it means to gamble!"

This chapter starts off with Kaiji deliberating on whether to deal the 1-pin or 7-sou tile. But why does it matter? As in the end, he will end up playing both, right? In that case, the order shouldn't really matter! But that type of thinking only works on the small scale! As the narrator points out, one mistake could doom our beloved Kaiji! Granted, the President will most likely never deal in, but every tile the he plays is possibly one that Kaiji can match! Or even better, a tile that can give information-starved Kaiji a hint as to what his opponent's hand is like, and therefore what tiles would be safe for him to play!

Kaiji makes up his mind, resolving to deal the 1-pin. He reasons that if the President were going for a chanta hand, he would of kept the two haku he had discarded! Therefore, there is no reason to have a wait on the 1-pin, as it is a much worse wait than a haku wait! But wait! Kaiji realizing that this round was unusual to begin with! Kaiji made his hand so late that Maeda couldn't give him all the precise information! The President would never risk a wait that had the possibility of failing if Kaiji had implemented the haku into his own hand! On the contrary, the President would have reasoned that Kaiji wasn't going for a chanta hand, so the edge tile, the 1-pin, would likely be in his possible discards! The 7-sou is too isolated to be dealt as well! So Kaiji has no choice, but to look back at...

The dora! The 2-pin! A tile so dangerous and so seemingly counter-intuitive to play that the President would never have a wait on it! But there is still a possibility that the President has a wait on it, even if by sheer necessity to reach Mangan! But Kaiji has no other option. Every choice is dangerous, and so he must play a tile, and that tile will be the dora! But after he deals, Muraoka starts laughing maniacally! What's worse, he mentions that some "bad ideas" had came rushing out of Kaiji's head! Could this mean that Kaiji has dealt in? Is Muraoka simply scaring Kaiji? 

We'll have to wait until the next volume to find out.


  1. These last two chapters really show how important it is to consider a possible betrayal.
    I hope this doubting of tiles will go on a bit longer!

    Thanks for the great work!

  2. Great chapter, can't wait for more stuff!

  3. What if Muraoka knows Kaiji has caught on, or something? That'd be really bad for him.

    Thanks a lot for another great volume!

  4. Muraoka sure can be scary sometimes...

    1. You're telling me. I get to see his face for ages while I typeset his laughter.

    2. Pfff :-D... Happy nightmares,Peng Yang