Sunday, June 24, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 66

Finally! This chapter of DKaiji features some genuine mahjong action! But that also means there are some pretty technical mahjong terms and concepts in this chapter. And because we love you guys, Sonickrazy has helpfully provided a notes page for your convenience. Thanks to js06 for the precise translation, Biggums for the timely cleans, and Sonickrazy for the prompt proofreading and notes page.

"It's as if I'm bottled inside a jar!"

Muraoka starts off with another one of his Oscar-worthy acts, discarding a tile that of course won't deal into Kaiji's hand. But Kaiji remains calm (for the most part), because he's still holding on to his final card, his final hope! Then there's another one of Fukumoto's analogies, this time a bit on the weird side. Kaiji is stuck in a jar, the jar "made of their expectations". In other words, the jar is symbolic of their devious plans, and Kaiji is stuck inside. But! But, Kaiji still has a grip on the edge of the jar, and he still has a chance to pull himself out. Granted, he has no idea where to go even if he does get out, but the priority lies on getting out first!

Kaiji begins to plan his counterattack. The first step being to escape the death trap he stands in. The escape from the "minefield" if you will. Eight steps to go. Eight deadly tiles to deal. Then Kaiji enters battle mode, and starts think about which tile to page. He sees that the 6- and 9-man passed safely, but it was only because of the signal he had received from Miyoshi. But can he still trust him? After he betrayed him? Well, in Kaiji's mind, it must be true! Because false signals would only signify to the partner that he was being set up! However, that doesn't mean Miyoshi has to give all the information. He just has to give enough to stay out of suspicion. In this way, the opponents advantage is reduced...but not eliminated.

This also means that Miyoshi is open to setting a trap! By only giving one set of information, his partner (in this case, Kaiji) may think that all other tiles are safe. But this isn't necessarily true! Kaiji decides to take the safe route and imagine that Muraoka is on a double wait! That is, he has two sets of waits than would cause him to win. Miyoshi only informed him of one of them, and so it's left for Kaiji to ponder on what the other one might be. 

And of course, for us to ponder alongside him as well.


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