Thursday, June 21, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 65

Another chapter of DKaiji is ready for you guys! This time around, Kaiji dodges yet another bullet and begins to plan his counterattack! Thanks to js06 for the quick script, Biggums for sending the cleans before even 64 was up, and Sonickrazy for proofreading the script pronto.

"Things could still be worse!"

Miyoshi continues to justify his betrayal of Kaiji, this time by declaring that it is no concern of his if Kaiji gets hurt! After all, Kaiji's act of saving them previously clearly has nothing to do with it right? Wrong. All Miyoshi really wants is money. Money for himself, regardless if he hurts others, others that trust him. And Maeda is no better. Sonickrazy actually has a great analysis of the parallels between Miyoshi and Maeda versus Kaiji's former allies in Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors, Furuhata and Andou (minor spoiler alert). Here is his take:
Miyoshi and Furuhata are both shy, introverted people who desperately want to get rich quick, and are easily tempted to do so. Maeda and Andou both look after themselves first, and will follow anyone who has a good plan.
Given this parallel, it actually becomes quite easy to see why those two act the way they did. Miyoshi and Maeda generally have decent morals, but Muraoka's argument is simply too convincing for them to ignore. By condemning Kaiji as a traitor, Miyoshi is able to put his moral compass in check and follow through with his deep desire to get rich quick. Maeda, who as we know has practically no say on anything, is a "me-first" type of character that will quickly jump on the bandwagon if the prospects seem good. And if Miyoshi, his only real companion at the time since Kaiji had disappeared, thinks that tricking Kaiji is a good and justifiable idea, then he will follow along, especially if money is promised.

All the pieces were in place for his betrayal. The suspicious disappearance of hundreds of millions of yen. A sudden disappearance of Kaiji himself. Then a reappearance of Kaiji, a supposed broke man, with three million yen on him! From their point of view, betrayal was the only plausible answer. And as unfortunate as that is, they are both too emotional, greedy, and ignorant to think beyond that. And Kaiji has to pay the price.

But it's OK, because it could be worse! Kaiji, forever the optimist, sees the silver lining, which in all honesty probably saves him from total despair. He realizes their treachery! He finds out before it's too late! Maybe he doesn't know why they betrayed him, but the fact remains that they did, and no amount of rage towards them will change that. Kaiji wisely keeps his rage bottled up, because releasing it would be like throwing away his final card. But how will he play it? How will he use his only advantage?

Only Kaiji knows.


  1. Thanks for those fast releases once again :)

    Just a tiny nitpick: I would prefer if you wrote the credits (translated by..., cleaned by... etc.) somewhere in the blank spaces beneath the pictures, and not onto the pictures themselves like on page 137. Would be much appreciated^^

    See you guys tomorrow on Mahjong day?

  2. Thank you for your amazing job!
    Anyway...this arc is killing me ç__ç

  3. Because I haven't said it in a while;
    love you guys.

  4. I really like reading the team's analyses of these characters! I think it's less that Miyoshi and Furuhata are greedy as it is that they're really easily swayed by strong personalities--Miyoshi's chief motivation right now is to get even with what he sees as a huge personal betrayal, and the fact that his debts will be erased on top of it is really important as well. He got himself into another life-threatening situation (through his laziness, lack of personal responsibility, and lack of perspective) and this could be his "rope to heaven" that he's hoping to use to climb out of it.

  5. Andou is very different. Andou came up with the idea of betraying Kaiji himself, and never really justified it as Kaiji being evil, he just decided to betray him because he wouldn't have to deal with any real repercussions. Maeda and Miyoshi are just pretty stupid/weak, and are led to more easily have their morals manipulated.