Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 64

Well, all the debate about why Miyoshi and Maeda betrayed Kaiji can stop, because this chapter exclusively explains exactly why those two did what they did. Thanks to js06 for translating, Biggums for cleaning, and Sonickrazy for the proofreading.

Now, onto the revelation.

"He is alone and helpless!"

The chapter starts off with Kaiji once again realizing his terrible predicament and Muraoka laughing maniacally because of his plan working out. But then we jump into Miyoshi's flashback, which elucidates how Muraoka managed to convince Kaiji's two friends into becoming traitors. Muraoka laughs at their supposed ignorance, thinking that Kaiji was broke when he had won a jackpot of over 700 million. And the worse part is, all his reasoning makes sense...if Kaiji were a typical resident of that greedy world! Of course it would seem like Kaiji would get the biggest cut, since he lead it. But it was actually an equal split between them (though it didn't turn out that way in the end)! But from Muraoka's reasoning, he sees the other two as "helpers", earning a "small" 100 million amount, rather than as the actual collaborators they were! After all, all three of them were risking all their livelihood along with Kaiji!

But for Miyoshi and Maeda, Kaiji's actions do seem suspicious. He most likely told them that the money went to setting up the plan, but would 500 million, or even 200 (if split equally) million wouldn't disappear that easily, would it? Well it would, because (spoiler alert) Endo is a slimy, money-grubbing, loan-shark. But from their view, Kaiji couldn't turn away from 500 million! If he split it up among the six 45ers, he would make less than helpers! Ridiculous in Muraoka's view, and the same in Miyoshi's and Maeda's

But Miyoshi and Maeda hold on to their trust! And this is where all of Kaiji's at-first coincidental actions inadvertently dig him his own grave. Miyoshi and Maeda spot him, and Muraoka promises them elimination of their debts and a bonus for their ensnarement of him! Miyoshi talks about Kaiji being greedy, but aren't they doing just the same at that moment (even if on a lesser level)? And then Kaiji's 3 million go-away gift becomes proof of his betrayal rather than a good luck for once! And what's worse than that? Muraoka's condescending speech insulting their naivety pushing them over the line, which leads to their subsequent betrayal of Kaiji!

The worst thing about all this is that Miyoshi and Maeda actually believe that Kaiji won't be harmed by this. Both of them and Muraoka think that Kaiji is a rich man, when all he really has is 3 million to his name (which he already lost). It makes me rage to see Miyoshi and Maeda enforcing their pseudo-justice on Kaiji by tricking him, when he was their savior! Isn't that worth something at least? Wouldn't a man-to-man talk with Kaiji asking exactly where all the money went be better? At any rate, it would be better than trusting Muraoka, someone who himself admitted to being a conman!

But then we wouldn't be able to see Kaiji mentally outwit them, hm?


  1. Poor Kaiji.

    Still a bullshit move on Maeda and Miyoshi's part, I mean if they were in a deadly situation I can understand it, but this is ridiculous. Looking forward to seeing Kaiji work his way out of this one.

  2. Euuuuurgh! This fucking entitlement is something that makes me hate the characters in this manga so much. Everybody thinks that they deserve a share of the money that they didn't even earn. Thanks for the chapter, can't wait for the next.

  3. The most annoying part is how he'll probably forgive them in the end. Because it's Kaiji.

  4. Can't thank you enought guy's, THX !

  5. Thank you ;__; <3 I was really waiting for this chapter!
    And so finally we can understand Miyoshi's point of view....but he is still unforgivable.

  6. Sigh.. even if he did get that much from the pachinko machine he shouldn't really have to split it 6ways with them, although we all know he still would. Well I guess he'd have to as he promised to do it.

    If they went along with kaiji instead and split it 3ways couldn't they make more than 5 million each though? I guess it depends on how deep their debts go. Also, after the talk with Muraoka they probably don't trust kaiji anymore.

    In some ways this manga is so sad/depressing with it's overarching "trash stays trash" theme.. Maeda and Miyoshi getting free but still ending up deep in debt once again. Kaiji once again lazing around like a bum at the start of DKaiji. That part surprised me a bit actually. In the middle of the first series when he gets off the ship he works really hard, hopelessly, to pay back an immense debt which would take tens of years. I actually thought he might manage to start a normal life since he has showed that he is capable of hard work. His big score with the pachinko might have killed off any remnants of work ethic he had though :P lol'd when seeing the old man say "this guy really is pure trash" or whatever

  7. Conclusion: Miyoshi and Maeda are both retarded trash.
    Those two above everyone else should know that Kaiji slipts his winnings with his team evenly!

    700 million - ~150 million that was used to win the jackpot=
    550 million / 3 = ~188 Million - 60 million TO PAY THEIR DEBTS AND SET THEM FREE! = 128 Mil! (Note: we're not even considering the interest rate on the initial loan cause that's expecting too much for those 2 idiots). 120 / 6 = 20 Mil Each.

    Regardless; THEY ARE BACKSTABBING THE MAN THAT SAVED THEIR LIVES! Without Kaiji those trash would havr rotted in the underground; and this is how they choose to thank their savior! By calling him a liar behind his back and planning to rob him blind!

    Saddest part is that Kaiji is actually the BIGGEST TRASH of them all. So he does indeed deserves this, and it will continue until he learns not but his faith unto other people. This is perhaps the most valuable lesson in this series and it's a recurring theme. Starting at the very beginning of it all at the cruise ship up until this very moment. Kaiji has been paying for blindly believing/trusting in his so-called "friends/comrades."

    Anyhow; good chapter as is always the case with Kaiji. I just wish if he had a dedicated group just for subbing Kaiji. This Saga of the series finished back in 09 and the japanese r half way through to the next. It's really sad that shit like bleach gets scanned an hour after it's release and we have to wait several years for this piece of art.

    Pick up the pace guys.

    1. I agree with the fact that they're backstabbing bastards. But I'm not sure why'd you call Kaiji trash. He is the only one who tries to rise above the other "trash" by trusting others; that is the only thing that separates him! I would call him foolish, an imbecile even, but not trash. He would truly be trash the day he decides to never trust anyone ever again.

      FKMTkrazy is as dedicated a group you are going to get when it comes to scanlating Kaiji. After all, this group only deals with one author's works. And while it is true that Bleach gets scanlated very quickly, we do try our best to get these chapters out as quickly as we can. We love this series as much as you do (if not more), since we are taking time out of our lives to give this to you.