Thursday, June 14, 2012

DKaiji Chapter 63

How can we celebrate the return of Akagi? Why not with more DKaiji? This time, we have chapter 63 ready for you guys, thanks to the regular people: js06, the translator, Biggums, the cleaner, and Sonickrazy, the proofreader.

Note: Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji is now up for your reading pleasure. For those who missed the second saga of Kaiji's adventures, then I suggest you read it now, because it's completely worth it.

"I saw a man-eating beast!"

Sill reeling in shock from his betrayal, Kaiji attempts to retrace his steps and recall exactly when he should of detected their treachery. We find him in a flashback scene to when Miyoshi and Maeda first meet him and suddenly we're transferred into one of Kaiji's famed metaphors! This time Kaiji is just fishing for some innocent koi fish...only to be attacked by a man-eating beast (read: alligator)! It's true Kaiji was a bit caught off guard when he realized that those two had not even mentioned how they would split the rewards. But why would he? After all, he just saved their life...multiple times in fact! He opened up his heart a little, and this is what happened. (On a side note: kudos to Miyoshi for his quick, if shoddy, cover-up attempt.)

And now that Kaiji is questioning what they told him previously, he sees the logical flaw in their plan. It would be rare for someone to accept a high-stakes game in the first place. No one in their right mind who go for it again if they lost the first one! Except of course, if they think they'll win! And what do you know, Kaiji accepts the high-stakes game, and Kaiji loses. And what does he do next? He goes in again. Right into those three's devious little plans. Both Kaiji and Muraoka are trying to trick the other, and who wouldn't play a game they thought they could always win in? Certainly not someone as logical as Kaiji.

But at least Kaiji realizes his mistake. He sees what he did wrong. And the first step to success is admitting one's mistakes. But the next step is to correct or compensate for them. And just how is a Kaiji supposed to do that?


  1. Great job, this chapter was gorgeous!

  2. yep, interesting chapter,thank you guys! I wonder how Mioshi and Maeda will be able to look Kaiji in the eyes later..Will Kaiji beat Muraoka? or will he loose and than come back to destroy that Grease ball? I WANT TO KNOW!!! : P

  3. This is such an incredible chapter oh my god. Really great metaphors, great realizations!!

  4. @Russianguy I doubt that he'll lose. If that were the way the story were going, he'd have realized Miyoshi/Maeda's treachery after the game. Him realizing it before the game was over is going to have an effect on the game.

  5. ^ I posted this in the chat yesterday, but it's disappeared already. It's okay to post it here, right?

  6. I finally got to download and play the 17 steps mahjong, thanks very much Procyon, sorry about leaving you guys hanging at Mahjong day.

  7. I'd like to say that the last two pages seem to be a reference to the E-Card arc, where Kaiji says something about mirrors and snakes to Tonegawa at the end.

    Anyway, thanks for doing such an awesome job. c:

  8. Nice game, though the design kinda bothers me (black tiles, and why not just have the discard tiles line up when you have to choose which one to discard?)

    There's also a version of 17 Steps mahjong available on Itunes called 二人麻雀17打 or Mahjong17.

    I remember you could play E-Card, Chinchirorin and Minefield Mahjong on, but after a while you have to pay for it :(